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WARNING! This is a Fan Page, not a personal profile of Paula Frye. You won't get in contact with them here. You can contact Paula Frye on her deviantARTT page

Paula Frye
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Full Name Paula Frye
Other Names "Mommy Frye", paulafryeinsta

"MomWithGuns" on PS3

Gender Female
Age 56
Birthday March 27th, 1960
Family *Bethany Frye (daughter)
Hair Color Dark Brown
Lives in Indiana
First Video Unknown
Websites Instagram, Facebook, DeviantART, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Paula Frye's Blog, Paula Frye's Help Site

Paula Frye is the mother of Jordan, Cierra, Isaac, and Bethany. She is also the wife of Michael Frye. She has her own YouTube channel where she has uploaded some of her own videos, but she has some involvement with the VenturianTale crew as well.


  • She has a deviantART account named paulafrye
  • She has a ROBLOX Account named "Mommy Frye"
  • She played Five Nights at Pinkie's on video.
  • She has a Playstation 4 account named "awesomeWithGuns"



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