"I will haunt and hunt the ghosts, I will seek and seek the monsters, and I will look for them real good."
―The official slogan for Paranormal Investigators Extraordinaire

P.I.E's Logo

Paranormal Investigators Extraordinaire, also known by the acronym P.I.E, is an investigators bureau in which the great Johnny Ghost and Johnny Toast investigate paranormal sightings and activities, and capture them. They are based at PIE Headquarters



The Paranormal Investigators Extraordinaire (P.I.E.) was founded some time in the twentieth century by Johnny Ghost Sr., Ernie Ghost, and Jonathan Toast.


  • Circa 1990s-2000s - the sons of the original PIE members, Johnny Ghost Jr and Johnny Maxwell Toast start their own paranormal investigation group in school, with members including themselves, Johnny Roast and Johnny Boast, and Dark Pit.
  • Circa 2010s - Johnny Ghost and Johnny Toast put their fathers' Business back to together, and P.I.E is reborn.
  • Summer 2012 - a case involving the Ghostbusters in New York.
  • January 8, 2014 - earliest known "official" case involving all four Johnny's.
  • Spring 2015 - a new member named Fred Spooker Becomes an intern for P.I.E. in the absence of Johnny Toast, who was at the time serving a prison sentence.
  • Fall 2016 - Chris "Colon" Ghosty becomes an intern of P.I.E.
  • Winter 2017 - Colon becomes an honorary member of P.I.E.
  • Late Summer 2017 - Johnny Ghost nearly goes insane during a case involving the Acachallas and quits on the spot.
  • Nov 18, 2017 - P.I.E. send out wanted ads to hire new members, most of which were assassins, psychos, and an insane SJW butler who tried to put on a consistent Southern accent and failed miserably.

The Billion Year War Edit

Main article: Johnny Ghost's ghost hunters

Members Edit

Official members Edit

Former members Edit

Unconfirmed or Unofficial members Edit

Members from alternate timelines and/or parallel universes Edit

Pre-reformation members Edit

Targets Edit

Caught Edit

  • Many Poltergeists hiding in Props
  • Chef Chakalata Soup (Later killed after escaping)
  • Bonnie's sister (possibly destroyed completely)

On the Lookout Edit

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