Papa Acachalla (Normal World), better known as Papa Normalchalla is Papa Acachalla from a alternate universe where the Acachalla's are normal. He has a daughter, a son, and a wife (Sally, Billy, and Gertrude). He had a farm, which was filled with birds. His life was completely normal until the Toilet Toucher and Johnny Toast entered the world, and started to drive Papa slowly insane.

Soon there came even more bizarre characters(I.e, Steve and Chell) all of which he pleaded/demanded to leave his home. While attempting to piece back together his normal lifestyle, superman appeared sending Papa Normalchalla into an unstoppable rage. Revealing the world he inhabits as a creation of his, used to live out a normal Acachalla fantasy. Feeling his "perfect" world was ruined, Papa Normalchalla used his omnipotent powers to destroy his world as an act of revenge on his latest visitor, leaving with an evil laugh.


Papa Normalchalla is a compulsive perfectionist, seeing anything opposing his way of life as a terrible thing.Even before he was visited by bizarre characters he focused with contempt on objects he found odd like his dirty fridge and a different colored bird in his farm. When learning of the Toilet Toucher's intent on taking over the world, he was more concerned about the strangeness of his activities than his evil intent. When finally put to his breaking point he destroyed the entire dimension.

Normalchalla seems to confuse normal with happy, with his supposed normal life containing odd aspects such as being a bird farmer. He goes at great lengths to smile and be joyful for no reason, despite the normal action in his situation would probably be confused and angry. It is even shown that he's hiding said emotions behind false feelings.

It is implied that Papa is very aware of the true Acachallas' existence among other things. Describing how things are in his world instead of the way things are with the Acachallas, despite him being supposedly unaware of the original Acachallas.

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