Papa Acachalla's head cruster is a the portal to the 13th Dimension given to the Acachalla family by Johnny Ghost. When P.I.E gave it to the Acachalla family and claimed it to be a 'head cruster' for whatever reason.

When the Acachalla family first used the device, it affect there environment, making their doors tron like and turning Gertrude into a being of unlimited power. Eventually objects and creatures began coming through portals created by the head cruster. Such as Prince Fang and Batman. The situation began to worsen. Billy back from the dead abilities became contorted and turned into a skeleton, Maddie Friend was turned into a paper version of herself and the house began to light ablaze.

It was revealed by Spencer that only a being of bird nature (and/or possibly Duck tape) could turn off the head cruster. Calling officer Maloney to assist, the legendary Earth bird sacrificed himself to turn of the head cruster. while the portals were closed some of its affects were still present. Such as Maddie friend still being paper, The Gnome of the 13th Dimension still being there and Papa Acachalla and Gertrude respawning in Indonesia.

It seems that not only is device still present within the Acachalla residence, but it still gives of supernatural effects. Being used as a microwave could be disastrous. Turning marshmallows into furry abominations, and causing hot pockets to open portals to the thirteenth dimension.