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Papa Acachalla's Flareon is a Flareon that Papa evolved from Eevee with a Fire Stone to hunt down
the Toilet Toucher.


As an EeveeEdit

There are three known moves that Eevee learned, but the last was not mentioned. The moves she listed are: Scratch, Quick Attack, and Glare. It is unknown of what her fourth move is.

As a FlareonEdit

It is still unknown of the fourth move, but all of her current moves are: Scratch, Quick Attack, and Flamethrower. Her fourth move is unknown. (Though flamethrower is just using a machine gun.)


Gmod EEVEE POKEMON Playermodels! (Garry's Mod)19:13

Gmod EEVEE POKEMON Playermodels! (Garry's Mod)

Papa AcachallaEdit

Papa Acachalla is Flareon's current trainer. Flareon believes that Papa is insane, and tried to befriend him when he became an Umbreon.


Flareon has some sort of relationship with Sally, from what is seen in Gmod EEVEE POKEMON Playermodels. They were mostly next to eachother, probably as friends. And was seen talking about the flareon.

Toilet ToucherEdit

Papa, Flareon, and Sally made a team to defeat Toilet Toucher. Flareon was only kind to Toilet Toucher once in the Acachalla's Bathroom, then Flareon defeated Toilet Toucher in the Bathroom.

Jimmy CasketEdit

After Murdering Toilet Toucher and then being killed by Toilet Toucher, Jimmy Casket ordered Flareon to enter the bathroom that Toilet Toucher was hiding in.


  • She is weak against Fire Extinguishers.
  • She has a big wish to be one of Ash Ketchum's Pokemon.


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