640px-Elder Lyons

Elder Owyn Lyons is The Brotherhood of Steel's leader in the Capital Wasteland and Sarah Lyons father. He first appeared in episode 27 of A Fallout Tale"NEW FOLLOWER!". In 2254 he lead a detachment of Brotherhood soldiers across America during which he discovered the Pitt and led a Scourge of its mostly mutated inhabitents. He took 20 unmutated children from the Pitt and made the Initiates. Eventually he reached D.C and uncoverd the Pentagon. In it's lower levels he found much technology including Liberty Prime/Daxius. This earned him a promotion to Elder and new orders: establish a permanent base is DC and continue to search for technology in the capital's ruins. Something else he found was a large amount of Super Mutants he and the Brotherhood helped keep the Mutants from overtaking the entire region. However for Lyons this wasn't enough. Many questions remained unanswered such as how where the Mutants were being created and where were they being created.  Finding these answers would become the Elder's obsession. He appears only for a very short time between episode 27 and 28.He appears again in between episode 35 and 36.

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