"The Projects: created machines without equal. They were built to aid us, to bring peace. But we were foolish; we saw the signs, the warnings. We ignored them. There was only one reason they were created. One purpose. One Cause."
―Title monologue, narrated by Javott

One Cause was a YouTube ROBLOX story series written and directed by Bethany Frye with music composed by Jordan Frye. When reviewing the first episode of the second series in Gmod WORKING Movie Theater Mod 2! - (Reacting To Childhood Videos), Jordan summarised it as "the Qeios before Qeios", whilst Isaac said that "The story is actually pretty neat under all this crap.", to which Jordan replied "You just can't see the story under all of it."

Plot Edit

One, the first android project created by Aya Kawisawa, has escaped from the RTT Research Facility and hidden with Mila and her brother. Unbeknownst to him, however, he is actually Aya's brother Naoki, who lost his memory after a vehicle accident whilst they were escaping from the RTT, which is planning to use Aya's robot creation techniques to take over the world!

Cast & Crew Edit

ROBLOX Cast Edit

Voice Cast (Series 2 Only) Edit

  • Isaac Frye - Project One/Naoki Kawaisawa; Ashigaru
  • WordleFan - Mila
  • Shend - Knot

Crew Edit

Episode guideEdit



  • Because of copyright claims, the audio on all of the Season 1 videos have been muted.

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