Gmod ASH KETCHUM Pokemon Mod! (Garry's Mod)22:07

Gmod ASH KETCHUM Pokemon Mod! (Garry's Mod)

The only video featuring Old Fart

Old fart town is the town from the [Ketchum gmod video]

It was visited by Ash Ketchum who kept asking people if they were people from Pokemon (Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny etc) It was apparently a peaceful town until Ash visited it.


Everyone was acting to cover up the fact that Team Rocket was in the town. Their jail looks like (and is) a barn and has no cell doors (They're imaginary). The people pretended to know about Yugioh but not Pokemon.

Sometimes a giant tree will appear out of no where and fall down really slowly.

Ash KetchumEdit

Ash visited the town and disturbed the peace (by having a pokemon battle with a crow against a vortigaunt) so the sheriff made a test to see if he was drunk out of his eyeballs which resulted him to be put into jail (with imaginary doors).

He was also the one that saw under Team Rocket's disguise but did nothing to help while the sheriff crossbowed James

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