Nirnroot is a plant that grows on Nirn. Vahl collects all of the Nirnroot that she sees. The first episode on the
shore of Winterhold is where the first Nirnroot appeared. 

While Vahl has little explanation for her love of nirnroot, as it is of little use, Jordan is fond of the plant because of its requirement of a quest in Oblivion.

Trivia Edit

  • Nuka Cola became the Nirnroot of A Skyrim Tale, as Venturian collects all of each he finds.
  • Vahl is obsessed with Nirnroot
  • There is a type of Nirnroot called Crimson Nirnroot. 
  • It glows and makes sounds, so its easy to find the herb in Skyrim. 
  • Many potions need Nirnroot. 
  • Rarely, Vahl (or Jordan) misses Nirnroot. this often gets pointed out in the comments.
180px-SR-flora-Crimson Nirnroot

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