Mrs. Whiteley in Qeios Episode 2: Beyond the Lies.

Mrs. Whiteley is a character from the Garry's Mod series, Qeios. She is the mother of Jeremy. She was once a citizen of Qeios, but escaped, and also knew of Rivatha when she was younger. She is voiced by BenPlus.

History Edit

Born Wendy II W. Whiteley to William Whiteley and Wendy I Whiteley, Mrs. Whiteley was born in the city of Qeios and lived there for many years.
Whiteley plan

Mrs. Whiteley's grand scheme to escape Qeios written on the back of a Denny's receipt.

Since she grew up in Qeios she was well aware of the royal family in the city, as they often made appearances on T.V. and interrupted her regular soap operas, much to her annoyance.

When she was a young adult, Mrs. Whiteley was pregnant with a baby boy who she planned to name Jeremy. This infuriated her parents, as they did not want their grandchild to have a name that did not begin with a 'W'.

They grounded Mrs. Whiteley (Who was around thirty at this time), and took away her T.V. privileges. In protest, Mrs. Whiteley flushed herself down a toilet and escaped Qeios through its sewer system.

Whiteley sewer

Mrs. Whiteley escaping Qeios through the sewer.

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