Mr Burke
640px-Mister Burke
Vital statistics
Position Alister Tempenny's right hand man
Age 56
Status Dead
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Portrayed By Unknown

Burke was Allistair Tenpenny's right hand man before being killed by Cywren Caster.


Mister Burke is first found spending his days at Moriarty's Saloon, drinking and talking to Colin Moriarty or asking Gob the bartender-probing him with questions such as: what is it like being a ghoul, the effects of radiation on his body, and what it's like for a ghoul to live among the non-ghoul population. Burke was the man who killed Lucas Simms who went to arrest him for trying to blow up Megaton.

During Cywren's punga seed hallucination, she encountered Burke standing next to the atom bomb in Megaton, shooting him moments after encountering him, ending the hullucination.


  • Burke was born in 2221, making him 56 years old in 2277.
  • He liked to eat at the Brass Latern.