This is a minecraft video where HomelessGoomba and ImmortalKyodai play the robot invasion map.


Meeting and saving the world!Edit

The gang walks outside of their home, when Leader Robot (or The angry robot) tell them they will destroy their House filled with diamonds if they don't go with him, then they meet Charlie the robot.

Charlie told them the robots wanted to take over Minecraftia itself and make robot/human hybrids (much like a cyberman) and they need their bodies.

He helps the gang because he didn't want to take over.

In the sewers..Edit

He meets the gang in the sewer saying the robots came and he panicked and messed up the cords, sending them to the sewers that is full of poop.

He tells them to shut down the machine from the robot base which is far away.

IsaacFrye minecraft skin-6058686

The skin Isaac used

when immortal and homeless find Charlie again after traveling the sewers, he tells them to get a boat (he was near a lake) and ONWARD!

Betray the robots!Edit

when the gang meets up with charlie when they swim to him, the leader robot appears and says he is going to kill the gang along with Charlie.

Charlie tells the leader its not right to invade someone elses world and tells the gang to get behind him and he'll teleport.

they were teleported to a volcano. it is unknown what charlie said, since they forgot/skipped his book.

The group then makes their way up the volcano and meet a new robot, Dex the robot.

He greets them and tells them he'll help stop the invasion.

They teleport the Nightmare realm, with charlie saying HOLY CRAP!.

Then they try to find a portal out.

when they get to the portal, Dex tells them as a punishment for leaving, to keep Charlie there for ever.

he says it will be fine, and they leave.

off cam, the two robots deal with the invasion.

they leave saying -Goodbye... old friend..

The plot goes on off cam, as homeless ends the video in the middle of a mission.