Mighty Mighty Mighty Mark was a member of the United Federation of Hotel Services and the receptionist of a hotel Sally stayed at with Eevee that doesn't allow animals. He believed Sally's Eevee to be a stuffed animal and offered her a cigarette bin, which was rebuked. Mark then took her on a tour of the hotel. Mark has had previous experience with a haunting in the hotel, presumably, PIE was involved with it. 98% of customers to the hotel come from the Air World, a dimension of skies and mountains largely inhabited by Birds and believed to be the ancestral home of the bird race. Sally wasn't very discrete about hiding the Eevee and Mark soon caught on to what was going on. He placed Eevee under arrest with the help of an Umbreon. Eevee killed Umbreon and Mark was devastated about his death and decided to leave the town once and for all, vowing never to look at another Eevee. It then turns out that the Eevee that got stuck mid-evolution was actually the ghost of the one that got run over.

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