Medusa, as depicted from the Haunted Mansion.
Gender Female
Played by N/A
Status Deceased
Position/Rank Greek God/Creature (Presumed)
Nationality Unknown (Possibly Greek)
Age Unknown
Gmod AMSTERVILLE Town Roleplay Map! (Garry's Mod)21:21

Gmod AMSTERVILLE Town Roleplay Map! (Garry's Mod)

(First Mentioned)

Medusa may be Sally's biological mother. Sally's father used to constantly make phone calls to Medusa about Sally. One phone call was about how Sally probably had brain damage, Sally commented on the call, but her father lied to her and said that she has "bran cereal". Darth Calculus kidnapped Sally and killed Medusa in order to get more customers in his hotel.


  • Medusa has not met Billy nor Gertrude and is most likely not aware either.
  • She likes cheese.[citation needed]
  • She may the woman Papa strapped to the top of his car, mentioned in the Papa Acachalla Town Roleplay Map video.
  • She was Papa Acachalla's first love, mentioned in the Disney Haunted Mansion video.

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