McFly (not to be confused with Marty McFly, another time traveller) was a young man with a guilty conscious played by Jordan Frye who accidentally got stuck in a 1940's jail cell in the PATTY CAKE! -- Gmod COPS N ROBBERS Mod! 5 (Garry's Mod) video.

Biography Edit

He turned himself in out of guilt for some undisclosed action of his, before noticing that his time machine had stranded him in the 1940's. He escaped from his cell by tricking the police officer into forcing a cake down the toilet and locking the door behind him. However he forgot that the policeman had the keys and bolted before hiding in another jail cell. He then discovered that he was actually in an insane asylum and the policeman went wild with a tommy gun.

McFly managed to escape the building but the policeman followed him. He managed to lose the policeman again by using the same strategy as before and running into a hotel. Unfortunately after running around the town the policeman found him and fired at him, injuring him and forcing him back into the hotel, where he disguised himself as the owner of "Danny's Hardware", a hospital turned into a hardware store.

He again managed to escape, only to be mercilessly gunned down by the policeman as he passed the police station. McFly then came back from the dead and shot him in the head. They then proceeded into the police station and played the "Pkah" game. He then killed the officer after he performed a "Combo Breaker".

Personality Edit

McFly noted the irony at his being trapped in the past and his name being "Mcfly".

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