Marcus Glutes "Marco" Botox was a guitar playing traveler who came upon the town of Littlebutts.

Marco Botox

Biography Edit

Buttox was a guitar player who had the power to become giant. In 1941 he dropped a giant Freddy Fazbear, a giant dead dinosaur, two giant hamburgers and a giant trolleyof buttwipes, blocking all the town's roads and causing the population to become depressed.

25 years later, he returned, normal size, after his "girlfriend" dumped him. Seeing that the town was greatly depressed because a giant added strange giant object to all of their streets, Marco took it upon himself to lighten the mood with his fame.

He then gave a performance of several songs with his guitar and successfully managed to cheer up the townsfolk.

Marco's Performance of This Town in 1966

"This town is so awesome..."

However, the man who showed him around the town had been planning to kill him the whole time and killed him twice with grenades.

Eventually his identity was revealed to not be famous but was in fact an amateur guitarist who got dumped by his own cat. It was also revealed that he was the giant that plagued their town. He asked for the townsfolk to adopt him, but then changed his mind when it was revealed that the man did Macaroni. He then left the town, taking his stuff with him.

Marco bears strange similarities both physically and personality wise with Sue Acachalla. Both are ski mask wearing men who pretend to be someone more important, but turn out to be very desperate and timid.

Appearance Edit

He bears the look of a Terrorist from Counter Strike: Source.