"Kids, don't do Macaroni"

Macaroni is the drug of the Venturian universe, as the people who do macaroni are called Macaroni Addicts. The drug has a very distinct smell and is made by cooking it over a stove in a pot and leaving it to dry in the sun for about five minutes.

It has become incredibly illegal ever since the Macaroni War of 1967 and the "Macaroni Crisis of 2004" and cops have hunted dealers of the pasta with extreme prejudice. The most well known dealer is Johnny Toast, who has not only used it to finance P.I.E's headquarters,but has become a name brand. Other small time dealers like a shaper and possibly Papa Acachalla (as he hints from time to time) are also common.

Effects Edit

  • Addiction: You can easily be addicted to Macaroni, and it can lead to an All-Night Macaroni Party
  • Seizures: Macaroni can apparently make you fall into a seizure according to Gmod TASER Weapon Mod! (Garry's Mod).
  • No feeling of body parts.
  • Extreme Drowsiness.
  • Death: it was proven by Sally Acachalla that an overdose will be lethal.
  • Distorted view of reality: Johnny Ghost, after drinking a drink with macaroni in it, started to have problems with depth perception.

Trivia Edit

  • It's name comes from the food of the same name. However, while Macaroni in the real world is safe, it is a drug in the VenturianTale universe.
  • If one has eaten it, one will say that he or she is on macaroni
  • Three videos by VenturianTale mentioned macaroni in their titles.

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