Lucy lives alone in her apartment. She's kind and proud of her grandson, Jonas, and she bakes the most delicious sticky sweetroll. Palmer is old enough to have retired from work duty in the Vault, and therefore no longer has a Pip-Boy

Lucy at Cywren's 10th birthday party.


Jonas PalmerEdit

Her grandson. She raised him after his mother died and she was very proud of him untill he died.

Anne PalmerEdit

Anne is her deceased daughter

James CasterEdit

Her grandson's bestfiend. Both families knew each other very well.

Alphonse AlmodovarEdit

She is seen talking to him at Cywren's birthday.

Cywren CasterEdit

She gave Cywren one of her famous homebaked sweetrolls for her 10th birthday. When Cywren returned to the Vault she visited Lucy.

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