Gender Female
Played by (I think it was Bethany)
Status Alive
Position/Rank `
  • Student
  • McDonald's worker
Nationality Japanese-American
Age Roughly 18
Group Creepypasta High School
Weapon  ?
Debut  ?
Lily is a young, half-Asian girl who, for some reason, attended monster school. She failed almost every class, and ended up working at a McDonald's with her apparent best friend, BabyZilla.

Appearance Edit

She wore a bright teal shirt and looked "half-Asian" as Principle Buttkicker described her. She also looked to be about 18 years old.

Personality Edit

She was very perky and defensive of her apparent best friend, Babyzilla. She doesn't know much about the world and, despite trying, flunked almost every class. She knew more about how to be a monster than how to be a human, and that could be why she was in monster school.

Relationships Edit

BabyZilla Edit

BabyZilla was one of her classmates. She was apparently best friends with Babyzilla, as she was defending him at every turn, and wants to work at a McDonalds with him.

Shinogami Edit

Shinogami was one of her classmates.

Mr. Zviggles Edit

Mr. Zviggles was her only teacher. He didn't believe she could be a monster.

Principal ButtkickerEdit

Principle Buttkicker was her principle. He warned her that, if she continued to flunk, she could get kicked out of the school.

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