Let's Play A SKYRIM Tale! Ep

Let's Play A SKYRIM Tale! Ep. 1 - Vahl The Dark Elf!

"What is this? Scroll of Fury? Yeah, I got you fury right here. Get in the water! I'm literally at sea and couldn't hit water with a scroll."
Vahl Aradur, on throwing a Scroll of Fury into the sea
Let's Play A SKYRIM Tale! Ep. 1 - Vahl The Dark Elf! is the first episode of A Skyrim Tale, featuring Venturian. It was uploaded on May 9, 2013.

Official Description Edit

"Join Vahl and I on our adventure through the harsh land of Skyrim! From Mudcrabs to Mammoths and beyond, Vahl does her best to not end up as a frozen Dark Elfsicle."

Plot Summary Edit

A new start Edit

The episode started with Jordan Frye in a room, choosing who he wanted to start his journey as in the world of Skyrim. He decided to go with a Dark Elf named Vahl Aradur, who was shipwrecked at sea.

Shipwrecked at sea Edit

Vahl awakened in the Skinny Horker out at sea, in water. She began to search for any surviving crewmembers before she decided just to grab some equipment floating in the boat's wreckage and climb to a higher deck. As she climbed, Vahl found a dead Redguard passenger and looted his body before returning to her escape of the destroyed Horker.

Vahl swam from out of the wrecked ship, climbing onto the top of the vessel. There she found several dead passengers (among them the captain, Kemsyt) and Thalmor attackers, who had caused the ship to crash. Vahl took any valuables she could find before proceeding to change her clothes out of the rags she was wearing.

Vahl continued in her trek to land by diving into the freezing water and swimming towards the nearest piece of land they found. As they swam, Jordan began to talk and said that he was like Vahl's agent. She soon arrived on land and continued on her way.

Shortly, Vahl arrived at Ysgramor's Tomb, which Jordan failed to pronounce the name of. As she moved on, Vahl was quickly caught off-guard by a Skeever, which she was able to cut down with her mace. Vahl proceeded to scavenge the nearby area. Jordan told Vahl that he heard a Nirnroot calling to him, so he made her search for it and eventually collect it. He then told her that he had a condition in which he collected all Nirnroot he came across, making her pick up any and all Nirnroot they came across.

Vahl continued on and came across a steep hill which she began to climb when a wolf began to howl. Jordan told her that she might die of rabies if a wolf attacked her, saying that he would have to protect her. As they continued on, Jordan told Vahl that they needed to make for Windhelm and fast travel to Whiterun and then proceed on to Riverwood.

Appearances Edit

Real-Life Appearances Edit

Fictional Appearances Edit

  • Kemsyt (First appearance) (Corpse only)
  • Mara (First appearance) (Statue only)
  • Vahl Aradur (First appearance)