The cover for the game

Left 4 Dead 2 is a Zombie-action survival game released in 2009, created by the company Valve, creators of the first  Left 4 Dead game and the infamous gaming website/program, Steam. The game was given out for free to steam users on its release, and was also included in Valve's Orange Box deal, consisting of almost all of Valve's games ever published. Jordan, Bethany and Isaac started playing the game on March 13th, 2014, and Cierra joined them on March 15th, 2014.

The zombies in the game include the standards, and other specials;

Smoker: His job is to pull the Survivors to him, and attack them from there. Another method is to choke the Survivor where they stand.

Spitter:  She can spit corrosive green acid that damages the Survivors when standing in it.

Jockey: A fast zombie that lunges himself at a Survivor, and holds on to their heads, steering them into danger.

Hunter: A screeching zombie that can leap from far distances onto Survivors, thrashing them on the ground.

Boomer: An obese zombie which can vomit zombie-attracting bile on Survivors, and com-bust, spewing identical bile, DO NOT LOOK AT A FEMALE BOOMER, IT WILL GIVE YOU NIGHTMARES!!

Charger: A large, one-armed zombie. He can charge quickly at the Survivors, knocking them into walls and such. When he has snagged a Survivor, he pummels them into the ground.

The Tank: A huge, bulky beast of a zombie. It can punch Survivors sending them flying, and can tear pieces of the ground and throw them at high speeds at unwilling players.

The Witch: A crying, female zombie that when startled can instantly incapacitate Survivors and easily kill them.



  • The game was suggested by a fellow adventurer, and stood out from all the other games that were suggested
  • It is said that at least Jordan has played the game before recording
  • The third game they played involving Zombies, First being a few videos of Call of Duty Black Ops 2, second being Garry's Mod (GMod has all ways had Zombies in it, Garry's Mod is a copy of Half-Life 2 without story, voice acting, etc).
  • Cierra did not join them on the first L4D video. She left a comment saying she did not want to play. However, she has played with them since then.

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