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The Krivbeknih is a strange artifact in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.

A Fallout Tale Edit

In A Fallout Tale, Obadiah Blackhall requested Cywren Caster to get this book back however a religious women named Marcella asked Cywren to give the book to her instead claming that Obadiah wants it for evil. Venturian asked the fan who to give it to. they told him to give it to the old man. Unfortunately when Cywren gave Obadiah the book it was reviled that he and the book were indeed evil as he was in his basement preforming a satanic ritual.

Background Edit

Said to possess a dark power, The Krivbeknih was mentioned to have been owned long ago by Constance Blackhall until it went missing. The swampfolk now possess it, and use it in their rituals. This book is the one that Jaime Palabras' father was searching for, as mentioned in the personal journal holotapes found throughout the Dunwich building.

Marcella wants the book destroyed, but Obadiah Blackhall wants the book returned to its rightful owner, him. Upon taking the Krivbeknih from the ritual site, objects on the table behind it will start to shake and fall off the table.

The name sounds almost like it is in the dragon language, leading some to believe it might be a connection between A Fallout Tale and A Skyrim Tale.

Behind the scenes Edit

The Krivbeknih is a reference to the many esoteric and arcane tomes featured in the Cthulhu mythos, written by H.P. Lovecraft, such as the Necronomicon, Book of Eibon, Pnakotic Manuscripts, etc. These artifacts play a similar role in the mythos, often being used by evil men for sinister purposes.

The Dunwich Building, where Marcella instructs the player to destroy the book, is a reference to Lovecraft's short story "The Dunwich Horror" and an audio tape recovered in the building contains a reference to "Alhazred", the fictional author of "Necronomicon".