Kori is one of the main characters of RiverBrook.

Bio: Litle is known about his background at the moment, but he and one of the other main protagonists from the series Brook, are childhood friends.

Personatliy: Kori seems to be more of the leader of the three so far. He also has shown to have trust issues with River, indicating that he may have trouble making allies. However he trusts his close friends much more than with complete strangers. Kori as also seems to be paranoid of his surrounding much more than the other two in his party. He also is a quick thinker, especially when presented with dangerous situations. He can also be very protective of loved ones.

Skill Set: Kori is more of the tactician of the three. He usually plans where his team goes and how. He is also capable of using an automatic firearm. He also is seen in episode three to have minor hacking abilities and appears to be able to make working security cameras from scratch in episode four.

Relations: Kori was constantly keeping an eye on River. The two dI'd not get along or at least Kori did not seem to trust him in Episode One. In Episode Two, after River teleports them out of the town they were in, Kori found a newfound gratitude for him. It is reveled that Kori and Brook have are childhood friends, which would explain his likeness towards her. He is also very protective of her. He did have a cousin named Jared, who was introduced in Episode Two. Kori seemed to have trusted him as much as he does with Brook. However, before we could actually meet Jared, he was killed in an explosion.

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