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Jordan (Gmod)
Gender Male
Played by Jordan Frye and NPC
Status Alive
Position/Rank Adventurer, explorer
Nationality American
Age 25
Group  ?
Weapon  ?
Debut  ?


Not to be confused with: the real Jordan Frye or his Minecraft character.

Jordan, also known as Venturian, was an adventurer and explorer who ventured to various places and did various things with his siblings Bethany, Cierra, and Isaac.

Biography Edit

Prior to his starting of the YouTube channel VenturianTale, Jordan was held in a mental facility until paranormal investigators Johnny Ghost and Johnny Toast arrived. As they began to search the area, Jordan escaped his cell.

However, as Ghost was trying to escape, Jordan blocked his way and wouldn't let him out. Ghost proceeded to shoot and kill him with a crossbow, and then escape himself.

Appearances Edit

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