Jonathan Logan
Gregory and Sally discover Logan's corpse
Gender Male
Played by  ?
Status Deceased
Position/Rank  ?
Nationality  ?
Age  ?
Group  ?
Weapon  ?
Debut  ?

Jonathan Logan was Gregory's friend (and possibly Papa Acachalla's) when he served in the War. They were close friends, until they were parted when the war ended. Several years later during a countrywide zombie outbreak, when Gregory and Sally were responding to a signal from him reporting they had found the cure to the zombie virus but had come under attack from an unspecified enemy (Gmod Exploration END OF THE WORLDvideo), they found Jonathan's bloodied, dead body in the ruins. As his dead body was found after they were ambushed by a group of enemy soldiers, it is possible that he and his team were wiped out by the soldiers. It is also possible that they were killed by zombies.


His clothes are a cyan color with jeans and a white undershirt. During the war, he wore a green beanie, grey jacket and blue jeans. He was found deceased in this attire, now stained.


  • The cause of death was never found out but he was possibly killed by some of the infected or Bandits. 
  • Jonathan has also been seen in the bowling video, but after they referenced the episode he disappeared.
  • Jonathan has a strong resemblance to Papa Acachalla's friend Ry (Red/crimson ranger).
    Gmod Exploration END OF THE WORLD Adventure Map! (Garry's Mod)

    Gmod Exploration END OF THE WORLD Adventure Map! (Garry's Mod)