Johnny ghost and johnny toast by sylargrimm-dl


Congrats, Toast!== Johnny Toast has won the VenturianTale Tournament of 2014! Give him a hand! But just make sure you're joking, because he'll put your hand in a jar!

Coming in at 25 votes, close to Jimmy Casket who had 24, Johnny Toast has dominated the VenturianTale Character Tournament, and will appear in NEXT YEAR'S!

With his shiny black hair, dashing looks, and his famous attire, there's not a finer Paranormal Investigator than this man.

He is probaly the second most famous in the Acachalla Roleplay. He has many FanFics and Fan Art! For an amazing Johnny Toast and Johnny Ghost FanFic, click here!

Are you happy with the winner? Let us know! Excellent form, Johnny!

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