Gavin Toast is the identical twin brother of Johnny Toast and the older brother of Jenny Toast. He has appeared four (possibly as many as six) times pretending to be his brother; once during a bank heist with Aimée, Uncle Charlie and Dread Pirate Zviggles, once teamed up with Sue Acachalla and Gertrude to steal money and gold from Papa Acachalla, once when he pretended to be his brother during a P.I.G investigation to keep Acachalla away from where he was counterfeiting money, and once when he, Sue and Gertrude tried to rob Papa Acachalla's Kansas Store during a tornado. The fifth unconfirmed time was when Johnny Ghost was searching for Toast after killing Bonnie's sister and a fake Toast showed up, this may or may not have been him. A sixth time was at a school class run by Darth Calculus, in which he shared his class with Tattletail and Josh From Twenty One Pilots. His fanon name of Gavin Toast was made canon by Jordan during a PUBG livestream on December 26th 2017

Crimes Edit

  • Bank Robbery
  • Counterfeiting
  • Theft
  • Impersonation/Identity Theft


As prieviously stated He is the identical twin of Johnny Toast, however he is often characterized by a large blood wound on the right side of his head.

Relationships Edit

Johnny Toast Edit

He despises his brother, considering him to be more well-off than him.

Papa AcachallaEdit

He once deceived papa Acachalla into believing he was Johnny toast in order to gain member ship into the Paranormal Investigators Gourmet for his counter fitting schemes. Upon realizing that he was an imposter, papa Acachalla reacted in confusion and violence.

Jenny ToastEdit

Though they have never been seen together in a video it can be assumed they don't get along because she is a cop and he is a criminal.


  • His theme song is Oh No by Marina and the Diamonds.
  • He seems to be very stupid.
  • Also seems to trigger Jimmy Casket every once in a while.
  • His fanon name of Gavin Toast was made canon by Jordan during a PUBG livestream
  • His fanon name was originally thought up by ShoobaQueen.
  • An Instagram account named "vt_twentyone.gavintoasts" seems very obsessed with Gavin Toast, and made many AUs out of him. Their whole account is pretty much dedicated to Gavin, and almost all of their art (which looks pretty good in my opinion) has Gavin Toast in it.

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