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"My name is Johnny Ghost, Paranormal Investigator Extraordinaire, and this is my partner Johnny Toast!"
―Ghost's regular introduction
Johnny Ghost is an American paranormal investigator and the co-creator of the Paranormal Investigators Extraordinaire (or P.I.E., for short) with his lifelong friend (and company owner) Johnny Toast. Ghost perished in the Billion Year War. Johnny Ghost has also chased props running around live, and investigated Jimmy Casket's asylum with the Acachalla family. He​ has Ornithophobia, the fear of birds, Gerontophobia (fear of old men), fear of girls, and possibly also suffers from DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder).

Johnny Ghost has alternate personalities known as Jimmy Casket and Gregory. He is temporarily taken over by Jimmy Casket when he feels threatened, as shown in raptor player model mod, and when he bleeds, as shown in one of the Creepypasta videos (the "Creepypasta College" video), when he comes back from the dead as shown when he turned into Jimmy as Jackson in the Joker Babysits video, similar to how Papa Acachalla is possessed by Jose Jose Jose Jose every midnight, and when he is very annoyed and frustrated, like when he encountered Fred Spooker in a pocket dimension.

Johnny Ghost was, for a while, believed to be dead, due to the events that occurred in HAUNTED BY FNAF! - Gmod Five Nights At Freddy's Mod (Garry's Mod) episode, in which Johnny was transformed into a puppet and flown off into space, whereupon he didn't appear for several weeks until in the Haunter Mod where he found himself dealing with a Haunter in the 52nd Dimension. During his travels through the realms, he encountered a language barrier which prevented him from properly communicating with life forms. This was broken in the Dimension of Motels when he spoke with Olaf, albeit briefly. Johnny Ghost then continued his trek into the cosmos, searching for a way back home, encountering places such as the Housekeeper's desert, the Dragon's Island, and the Hospital owned by Tom and Jerry. He finally woke up with the real Johnny Toast on Hell's Island, returned to human form, and left the island to continue his work as a professional ghost hunter. Johnny is said to be Billy's true father but his may be false due to the plot twist in Another Minecraft Tale episode 26, which said Maxwell Acachalla may be Billy's true father, though this plot twist was most likely a joke.

Chris Ghostie, nicknamed Colon, later joined Ghost's crew as an intern, similar to Fred Spooker. Together, with Toast, the trio has encountered various paranormal entities, such as Gumball Waterson and the Neighbor.


Main Article: Johnny Ghost/Timeline

Early life

See the articles on Gregory and Cardboard Friend for further details.

Johnny was raised on a farm in Georgia by his mother. At the age of two he went out hunting the "Hairy Little Widget", which is Georgia's equivalent to Bigfoot. He met his lifelong friend and future PIE partner, Johnny Toast, at around the age of three.

By his own admission, Johnny was the son of Tommy Casket, "a great man" who died when Johnny was young. Leaving him and his mother (who may or may not be Captain Phasma) to survive off of the wealth he had amassed over the years. (However, it should be noted that on separate occasions his father has been stated to be John and Pee Wee Ghost, among others), Johnny gained an interest in the paranormal factors from an early age, This was an interest something he shared with his childhood friends Johnny Toast, William Barricade, Dark Pit (who is currently missing), the late KatrinaJohnny Roast and Johnny Boast. The seven of them would later go on to form P.I.E. together. Jhonny Ghost's first investigation was on Nightmare Freddy at his local 7-11, however, this was only an amateur investigation as he was too young to have a license. At this time Toast had temporarily moved back to his home in England. Another friend Johnny had was Donald Donnie, who was actually a reptilian alien from the planet Archimedes 3, though no-one noticed except for Ghost.

As a boy, Ghost was often volunteered into doing dangerous things for Toast, which his mother disapproved of. However, the same could be said vice versa.

When Johnny was 16, whilst Toast was at a British boarding school, he went to Dark Pit's high school and offered to teach there. He made friends with Dark Pit and offered to form a pretend Paranormal Investigation Team (he couldn't get a licence for a real one until his 18th birthday). As he didn't have a car, he rode on a scooter.

As an early investigator, Johnny Ghost was much more focused on finding proof that a ghost existed rather than stopping the actual abnormality. Because of this, Johnny usually panicked and offered little to situation during his earlier investigations. Most of the time his 'investigations' resulted with the death of the patient.

Ghost stated that a family member was killed by a paranormal entity, however which family member was not specifically stated; t cannot be his mother as she is stated to be alive as of July 2016.

On the 31st of October 1992, Ghost's pet dog Quasar ran away and went missing. Whilst searching for his dog, Ghost encountered the Mothman.

Interestingly, no mention of his other persona was mentioned in the earlier videos.

The Casket Years

It is unknown exactly why, how or even necessarily when Johnny Ghost became Jimmy Casket (or vice versa). What is known is that there was a time period in Johnny's life in which Casket was the dominant personality. During this time Jimmy Casket became, by his own admission, "the world's most renowned murderer", terrorising all in his path. As Casket has been shown possessing other people's bodies, it is possible Ghost took on Casket himself in order to stop Casket taking other people's minds over. This would explain why he doesn't remember him. Somewhere during this time a fourth personality named Jackson surfaced and got a job in Child Services and in his only appearance in a video (The Joker Babysits video) he got killed and turned into Jimmy Casket

Alternatively, Casket may have always been a part of Ghost's personality along with Gregory and Jackson, as separate parts of one psyche; Ghost being the ego (e.g. the mediator), Gregory the super-ego (e.g. the moraliser), and Casket the id (the primal, impulsive side) but no one is sure how Jackson fits in. See this page for information relating to the the ego, superego and id theory of psychology.

Eventually, after being sent to and released from a psychiatric hospital, Johnny began to gain a grasp on his mind again, but would often shift into Jimmy Casket temporarily (this would sometimes happen with Gregory and Jackson (but rarely). So much so that when Ghost investigated during his solo years (before P.I.E) not killing the people he tried to rescue was extremely rare. The Casket years presumably ended when Johnny Toast came back into the picture and P.I.E was reformed as a professional organisation with proper funding. However, Johnny was still too young to join, and so he went to paranormal investigation school in his spare time and made extra money by working at McDonalds, a job he found incredibly boring.

Joining PIE

"I just realised that my life does not have purpose!"
"It does sir, you've saved a lot of people from ghosts sir."
"But I have not saved myself!
―Ghost and Toast

Ghost, when shown at all, is mostly seen from behind. This is because Jordan both records the videos and plays the character.

It is known that Johnny Toast founded PIE and invited Ghost to join as an apprentice and later invited Johnny Boast, Johnny Roast, Dark Pit, William Barricade, and Katrina. It is unknown which of them thought up the name "paranormal investigators extraordinaire", but it was probably Johnny Ghost. As Ghost was lower on fan girls than Toast, before PIE rose to prominence, Ghost made Toast promise that, as far as everyone else was concerned, PIE was his business and Toast was merely the assistant, something Toast agreed to.

Once P.I.E was established, the ghost hunters took on much more dangerous missions with varying degrees of success, one of these missions got Roast, Boast, and Katrina killed and caused Dark Pit's disappearance. These missions also made them long time enemies with the Toilet Toucher and Prince Fang, as well as getting themselves common clients like the Acachalla family. As Johnny Ghost taught Toast the basic do's and don'ts of hunting ghosts, Toast reorganized and added to this knowledge by writing several books on the subject. With claims of detaining at 502 paranormal entities, Johnny ghost took great pride in his work with his organization becoming greater with every victory. By the time Ghost came to Hell's Island, he boasted that he had solved "over 301" cases.

Ghost once spent a week in space in order to get away from a girl who had a crush on him. She had died by the time they returned. Ghost recalled this when devising an escape plan after he became a Ghost and was forced to hide with Aimée from Toast and Maxwell Acachalla.

During one investigation during which he, Gertrude, Billy and Sally became trapped in an inter-dimensional underground train tunnel system, they came into a room filled with TVs showing Jimmy Casket's true form, which took over Johnny's mind and caused a relapse that would affect Ghost for the next few years.

Ghost in the Mirror

Ghost, transfixed by a mirror, moments before his partner's transformation into a werewolf.

During a late-night berry-picking session, Ghost and Toast were chased by a werewolf, which bit the latter and caused him to intermittently turn into one himself. The werewolf Toast chased Ghost and eventually infected Ghost himself because he wanted to be able to communicate with him. However, the berries Ghost had eaten counteracted the werewolf virus, and Ghost sought out the help of John a'Hundred to change him back. a'Hundred, however, turned out to be a solitary man driven insane by a portal to the underworld, and so he decided to cure Toast himself.

One could say that this point in Johnny's life didn't exactly end but was briefly postponed due to the events that occurred at the house of Swift Taylor.

Lost in the Multiverse

"Goodbye, Johnny... Forever..."
―Johnny Ghost[src]

Ghost & Toast broke into Swift Taylor's house in order to film a documentary for the Discovery Channel as it was haunted by Animatronics. During the filming for the episode Johnny Toast was killed in a harpoon accident but was revived by Taylor's balloons. Later, when the animatronics broke into the house, Ghost was killed by Foxy as he was running with the camera. Taylor again managed to revive him, but because he had been killed by the animatronic so he turned into a puppet. This distressed him greatly as he was already low on fan girls. Taylor stated that the same thing had happened to his wife, and she returned to her normal state by jumping off the tower at the end of the maze. Johnny, however, was afraid of jumping, and so they tried to get him up to the tower using the balloon. When Ghost realized he could fly, he suddenly floated off into the sky, saying "I can go to my people now... Goodbye, Johnny... Forever..."

Several months later, Ghost awoke in a replica of his old McDonalds in the 52nd dimension run by a Haunter Pokemon who he couldn't understand. after that time shifted through several alternate dimensions, trying to find some way back, encountering a motel run by Olaf and the Chicken Man, a zombie desert owned by the Housekeeper, and an island with a dragon and an alternate Johnny Toast named Chuckie who didn't know who Ghost was. It was in this dimension that he discovered he could get back to his home dimension using a raft.

During this time he would occasionally revert into his Casket persona due to Johnny Toast's absence, something Ghost was aware of. This became most apparent when he reached the Housekeeper's dimension.

After an unseen incident in which Johnny became married to Toast's sister Jenny (whom Ghost mistook for a female version of Toast), Johnny woke up in a hospital to find that he had been in a coma, several months had now passed, his goldfish Poltergeist was dead, and squirrels had invaded America. Once again teaming up with Johnny Toast (and Tom and Jerry), Ghost began fighting the zombie apocalypse, glad that "things are back to normal". However, this also turned out to be a dream, and a looping dream at that, but Johnny did finally seem to find a back portal into the first dimension. He awoke to find the real Johnny. They found they were stuck on Hell's Island, looking for the cure for him being a puppet and a way out of the town. With them was a mysterious girl who knew of Johnny Ghost's original personality, however Ghost did not believe in her hints about his past. Eventually, they all eventually escaped the town by train, restoring Ghost's humanity with peanut butter in the process, thus ending his journey through the dimensions.

Back to Normal

Shortly after regaining his humanity, Johnny received a call for a haunting taking place in a small town. Travelling there in a junker car supplied by Toast, he discovered that the supposed "ghost" was really just a man in a suit, and that the whole situation was a prank set up by Toast.

During a surf boarding competition, Johnny Ghost and Johnny Toast became stranded in the Middle Ages after an incident involving a surfing competition, a flying saucer, and Toast whistling the British National a Anthem whilst doing a 360 jump on a surfboard. A storm sent them into the Middle Ages where Miraak told them he would help them get back if they defended the town from invaders and dragons. They did this; however Miraak did not keep his word and they became trapped for 3 months in the Middle Ages with an annoying fan girl (who turned out to be a ghost) and a Lucario.

The portal they used to escape sent them to an underground lair full of dead people and caused Ghost to revert to his younger self. They managed to escape relatively unscathed by finding skulls and medallions and solving puzzles, but Ghost became extremely panicked during the investigation and they accidentally released an ancient evil in the process - one that had, apparently, been waiting for them.

On a trip to England to investigate Toast's haunted mansion they discovered Spooker and Billy in the house and a fat Godzilla trying to lose weight. The night quickly turned into a murder mystery.

He was tricked into quitting his job at Mcdonalds by a Stormtrooper and discovered it had been taken over by the 501st legion, however he took back the McDonald's with the help of some high-powered rifles.

Storm Chaser

He and Toast both went storm chasing in Alabama in the Queen's pink car, Ghost rationalising that tornados were actually ghost clouds.

A few weeks later they did it again and charged straight into the tornado, somehow surviving. Ghost became convinced that he had superpowers and vowed to stop the tornado. Unfortunately whilst trying to escape Toast crashed the car in the lake (again) and Ghost was apparently killed by the tornado when he was sucked into the eye of the storm and fell to the ground ("It's... so peaceful up here.") Johnny Toast did survive and later went butterfly catching and made Ghost come with him, while they were catching butterflies Ghost got injured somehow and ended up in the hospital, when he got out the TARDIS that Kylo Ren stole from The Doctor (who may have been Spooker) was outside and he went inside and was told by Kylo that he stole it to entertain Phasma's daughter at a birthday party and that he had to dress up as a girl to be a companion, when he did this the clothes turned out to be magic and actually turned him into a girl. They later wound up crashing the TARDIS multiple times, one time with Johnny being to stuck for 50 years, while to Kylo it was like a minute, it later turned out that Johnny was Phasma's daughter to which Johnny yelled "NOOOOO!"

Further Adventures 


Ghost after accidentally being shot by Toast in the Stretchy Facility

When him and Toast want through the Stretchy Facility, they had their eyes stolen at the end, but it seems like they got them back somehow because they had their eyes in later videos.

Johnny later had a pun war with Sally Acachalla and a Purple Teletubbie. They found Elvis Presley's house, which had booby traps on the stairs. One night, he had a nightmare where everyone had turned into Donald Trump.

One time Spooker broke into PIE HQ and got turned into a Puppy Monkey Baby after falling into a machine while Ghost and Toast were working on it. Because of this Johnny had to take Spooker to the queen of the 5th Dimension to cure him with magic. They went around town looking for her. Spooker murdered a few people but they eventually found the queen who turned out to be Gertrude, who was on top of a tower with Maddie Friend and a random girl. It turns out the people in the 5th dimension worship her as queen for no real reason and that she is just on her lunch break (most likely from working at 7-11) and she has no magic. Spooker tried to flirt with Maddie Friend, causing her to back up. Seeing this Johnny killed Spooker and left. Feeling sorry for Spooker, who was still a Puppy Monkey Baby, Ghost got him a job at his McDonald's. He later regretted this.

Several days after, when Spooker was no longer a Puppy Monkey Baby, Ghost tried to separate Casket from his body with the lab equipment of Dipper Pines. Ghost broke Dipper's cloning machine, which had made a clone of Dipper with an evil personality, and made a clone of himself that had Casket's personality.

One day Sally came into Johnny's McDonalds and tried to order waffles, which caused them to get into an argument that ended with her sending them to a pocket dimension she created. They had a war and Ghost became a pirate.

Whilst Ghost was working at McDonalds, his old "friend" Donald Donnie returned, pretending to be a health inspector. Ghost tried to explain at he didn't want anything to do with Donnie and that he wasn't interested in being a friend, but Donnie drove him to such extreme lengths of annoyance that he willingly became Jimmy Casket in order to shut him up. However, immediately after this, Donnie's people arrived 12 years earlier than Ghost had anticipated to "invade" the Earth by passing themselves off as humans (they had already managed to infiltrate the government using Donald Trump).

Once again, they returned to the Alabama storm plains, having set up PIE HQ there. Ghost tried fighting the tornado using Dinomabobbers he created using toy dinosaurs and some special compounds, whilst Toast hid in the basement under the house. Ghost was unable to get back into the house when the tornado hit and was blown away.

He reappeared for Toast's documentary on Light Zeron as the cameraman at the Pizzeria, albeit somewhat unwillingly as he noticed there was something suspicious about Zeron. When Zeron revealed his secret, Ghost fired a rocket at Zeron and tried to flee the Pizzeria with Toast but accidentally crashed the car, being unable to drive.

He later appeared back at his McDonald's, where it was revealed that he created a minion (using a twinkie) and named it BootToasty, (after Johnny Toast). He left and let the minion takeover. He came back from Kayaking with Johnny Toast to find that the minion had killed William Barricade and Higglydigglyhogan. He then changed the minion's name from Toast to Boot.The name Boot being a reference to previous videos involving minions.

Johnny later went back to the Mystery Shack with Toast after Dipper had called him. It had tuned out that the evil Dipper clones had went crazy and tried to kill everyone. It was also revealed that the machine had made a Johnny Ghost clone that only wakes up at night.The evil Dipper clone then tried to clone an army of himself, but the machine also turned Johnny into Jimmy Casket, who immediately tried to stab everyone but the dimensional rift opened before he could (the game crashed.)

Ghost and Toast later travelled inside the mind of a victim of mangle where they found Sally and Papa Acachalla. After the two Acachalla's died they remembered that they were there to figure out why Mangle had killed that particular victim.Ghost and Toast then were killed and eaten by Mangle.

They later went to an insane asylum that had been shut down for 10 years because a woman named Victoria Sanchez gave them a tip that their was something paranormal going on in the building. They found several pools of blood before finding Maddie Friend at the front desk as she was attending to one of the patients who was actually an imperfect clone of Uncle Charlie that couldn't talk and could become a shadow creature similar to Jeremy Acachalla. Ghost then found Billy unconscious with two bullet wounds in his chest. Then a fox creature showed up and Maddie took it back to its room.Ghost then left to investigate leaving to Toast to keep an eye on Maddie Friend. While separated from Toast he found several more unconscious Billy Acachallas, several decaying corpses, two unconscious Maddie Friends, and an unconscious Tootsie. Ghost then made the connection that Maddie was illegally making clones.Toast then came and found him saying Maddie had attacked him and somehow messed up his shadow. The Uncle Charlie clone then started following them, continuously switching between human and shadow form. While they walked around more they found several more dead or dying clones. They then went back to Maddie at the front desk and the Fox creature was back. Ghost then asked what it was and Maddie said it mutated and that it used to be a real boy, to which the fox said it wanted to be a real boy again. Maddie then killed it as it screamed Papa Acachalla's name in Billy's voice, Revealing that it was a mutated clone of Billy.Then a rabbit creature showed up and started ranting about waffles. Maddie then called it Sally and told it to shut up, revealing that it was a mutated clone of Sally Acachalla.Maddie then told them that they need their meds and the Sally clone said that meant that she was going to kill them. Ghost and Toast tried to run but Maddie ended up killing them both in the end.

It is unknown how they escaped the asylum, it's even possible they were replaced by clones, but they later went to Best Buy (they were trying to find Walmart) to buy cables so they could play a match of Warcraft 2. When they arrived they found that the cashier was Bonnie and that another employee was a headless Freddie Fazbear. Ghost then freaked out when he saw that nearly all the phone's in the store were really outdated (including a Blackberry) and fainted. He came to and they found the cables they needed and tried to check out but they didn't have any money, causing Bonnie to call the cops even though they had done nothing illegal and technical weren't stealing. Ghost tried to stop Bonnie but ended up taking an arrow in the knee.He then came back from the dead outside the store and Toast came out to meet back up with him. A random Freddie Fazbear (who wasn't the same one as the headless one) started dancing then left. Ghost then went undercover as a Best Buy employee. Toast tried to follow Ghost into the store with his car, but got it stuck in the automatic door, which caused it to explode.Gertrude, who had secretly been there the whole time then tried to get the car out of the door but ended up being knocked unconscious/killed.Toast then got it out of the door.Bonnie and an unknown purple animatronic with an exoskeleton head came back to the store and tried to buy a computer, Ghost, who was still undercover tried to check out their items but their computer flew across the room when he tried to pick it up, causing Bonnie to call the police.Ghost then vaporized both of the animatronics but accidentally killed Toast when the energy ball he shot ricocheted and vaporized him.Toast the came back, causing Ghost to question how they kept coming back. Then Officer Maloney showed up saying that someone had called the police, so Ghost showed him to the crime scene where he killed him so he and Toast could escape. They tried to go to the car before remembering it had been destroyed and that there was no way out. Ghost then said the only way out was for him to ascend. Which he then did, flying into the sky and leaving Toast behind confused.

He later came to his uncle Ernie's EB Games store where it was being haunted by an EB Games employee who was actually a paranormal entity.Golden Freddie who was actually a genie was also there and brought Johnny's uncle back to life when Johnny accidentally killed him.He then wished for a game to come out early causing the cops to show up and for Golden Freddie to reveal that his magic is illegal. The EB Games employee then went on a rampage and blew up part of the town, so Ernie went to fight it. When he came back he had turned into a paranormal entity who joined in with his employee to say "Hey guys, welcome to EB games". The employee and Ernie then killed Johnny after his nuke didn't work.

Johnny later came to the Acachalla family's 7-11 when the Marionette was haunting it.When Ghost came inside he tried to act casual, only to be noticed by Sally who asked if he was Elsa.This then caused Johnny to realize he was a girl for some reason and he freaked out bit.Sally then asked Johnny to help get Billy out of the fridge because he had gotten stuck, but before anyone could help Billy decided to blow himself up with a grenade. He then came back from the dead and went back into the store.The Marionette then told Johnny that the reason he was girl was because when the Marionette sneezes it causes someone near him to gender swap, causing Johnny to call it a "floating apparition of DeviantArt." Johnny and Billy then tied up the marionette with rope to keep it from escaping.Johnny then went outside to get some fresh air and realized that the sun was missing from the sky. Johnny then got annoyed by the Marionette yelling to be let go and nuked the 7-11. When he came back from the dead he was somehow back to his normal self. Johnny then decided to have chat with everyone about being more serious and Officer Maloney showed up for some unknown reason and Billy came back as girl and looked like Anna because the puppet sneezed on him during the nuke. He then asks Johnny why he's in his chair upside down and Johnny says that the world is upside down (Fun Fact:this is the first time Billy has called Johnny by his first name only). Johnny the fell in the pool and nearly drowned. Sally then summoned Freddie the dinosaur and he killed Johnny, Billy, and Officer Maloney. They then came back and went inside the 7-11 where Johnny started acting Batman and accused Sally and the Marionette of murder.Billy then died for no reason but came back.Maloney then asked why there was a ghost and Johnny said that it was art.Maloney then died from it being too artsy. Then Johnny, Billy, Sally died for no reason. They then back and Maloney killed Johnny and Billy teleported in and out of a chair while Ariel ran in from out of nowhere.

Johnny later appeared once again working at his McDonalds when Sally and Slenderman came in to order food for their date.The Toilet Toucher was with them and he went to the bathroom and teleported behind the counter to slip macaroni into Johnny's drink. A random guy later came in to help prepare the food.This is when the macaroni kicked in and Johnny's vision started to distort and he started acting different. Slenderman then killed him for ruining his date.

Ghost later appeared again with Toast when they tried to help a rabbit named Gregor find its mother. They went to the 16th dimension using a TV, a microwave, and an HDMI cable. The dimension only had one house, which they found Toy Bonnie, claiming to Gregor's mother, inside.They then tested Bonnie by asking if he knew Gregor's name, which he didn't, meaning he wasn't the mother.Ghost attacked Toy Bonnie and accidentally killed Toast and Gregor. Toy Chica then appeared out of nowhere and Ghost killed her. Then animatronics and Nick Wilde kept showing up so he killed all of them.Spooker then showed up claiming to have been watching the on TV before being sucked into the TV.Spooker then helped Ghost hold the house. Billy and Sally Emochalla, an alternate version of Billy and Sally Acachalla then showed claiming they wanted to help but Spooker said he had met them before and warned Johnny that they were nightmarish. Johnny then killed both of them after they couldn't give him a plan. Toy Bonnie then came back and killed Ghost and Spooker.When they came back they had both been turned into rabbits and Spooker then came up with a theory that they were in a TV show and that Gregor used to be human, but Toy Bonnie killed him because he thought that was a stupid idea then died of kidney problems. Freddie Fazbear then appeared and started singing about pizza so Ghost killed him. Spooker then came back dressed as a stormtrooper and Ghost killed Gregor thinking he was an enemy. Toast then came back and Ghost had to ask him the name of their pet rock from 1996, which was Brett and Ghost broke the fourth wall by referencing the wiki. Toast then came back in the house to help hold it. Ghost the explained to Toast the whole dimension was out to get them. Ghost then killed Spooker and an evil rabbit came into the room and killed Ghost with a grenade.As Ghost was dying he revealed to Toast that his father was a police officer and not an astronaut.Spooker then came back, the Ghost's uncle Ernie appeared and told them to get out of his house.It was then noticed by Toast that uncle Ernie works for the DSB and had it on his shirt like the Toilet Toucher. Ghost then realizes that there is no Toilet in the house and reveals that Ernie is a younger version of the Toilet Toucher, who is Billy from the future and also realizes that Ernie was the actual ghost he was called about when Ghost had went to his EB Games. Ernie then chased them all out of the house.

Billion Year War

For twenty years, Ghost fought alongside his billions of P.I.E employees in the Billion Year War.


Johnny Ghost is very level-headed most of the time, although he does respond to danger. He studies paranormal activities, hence he knows a lot about such things. When around Johnny Toast, he acts braver than usual. He acts like a mentor figure to Johnny Toast, teaching Toast as he goes on. For an unknown reason, he is terrified of Birds but Toast helps him with his fear. But he also says "Birds Eat You!". (However, it is unclear if he's afraid of chickens too, considering they're mythical creatures in the roleplay.)

Johnny has quite the taste for theatrics, always introducing himself with bud catchphrase and dramatic voice even when he's not on duty. He often records his job to put on tv shows of his. When a particular case seems less interesting, Johnny will sometimes stretch the truth to address the issue.

When annoyed, Johnny can become critical and condescending, even when it is uncalled for. While Johnny is clearly the most stable of the four personalities, he is still prone to mood swings and is certainly not above murder for unimportant reasoning. In fact one of Ghost's most common methods of handling powerful ghosts is using a "ghost bomb" (nuke), which almost always kills the people he tries to protect.

After his experience of being lost in the multiverse. Ghost is shown to be more insecure, untrusting and paranoid. He also seems to have changed his attitude towards relationships: in his first appearance he stated that he had no interest in such, whereas in I'M HAUNTED BY POKEMON GO!?!! Gmod, he said he was waiting for "the one", "the girl of my dreams". In this case, the "girl" was a Snorlax he referred to as Rapunzel, though he later mowed it down with "valentines" from a minigun.


"Seriously, seriously. I'm Johnny Ghost, I have no relationships, especially with a woman, outside of dead things."
―Ghost in 2013
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Johnny's new model, Half-Dead's Simon based off of Cry of Fear

Johnny Toast

Johnny Toast is Ghost's assistant and apprentice. Johnny Ghost usually finds himself teaching Toast about paranormal activities. They are both good friends, despite Johnny Ghost being a bit jealous that Toast is "the fan favorite."


Due to a misunderstanding, Aimee has a crush on Johnny Ghost. She likes him because he is smart. However, Johnny Ghost is afraid of Aimee since some of her actions can make her seem like a stalker at times. Like Johnny Toast, he has nightmares of her.

Jimmy Casket

When Johnny Ghost is threatened, he turns into Jimmy Casket. When he turns back to normal, he remembers nothing about being Jimmy Casket.As of the JOHNNY GHOST VS ZOMBIES! Video, Johnny is aware of his other self, however it is unknown whether or not Casket is aware of Ghost. However, he seemed to forget after he returned home and tried to free Casket from his body with Dipper Pines' lab equipment, but the game crashed so the result is unknown for now.


Johnny Ghost sometimes turns into Gregory, but this rarely happens.


There is a theory which states that Jackson is another personality of Ghost's, however this isn't likely as Jackson is shown dying just before Casket appears, which would suggest that they are in fact separate people. If they are indeed the same, one possibility is that Casket assumed Jackson's identity to gain entry to the house (which is consistent with the theory that Casket can change his appearance).

Tommy Casket

Tommy/Timothy was first mentioned in the Haunted by Cardboard Friend video when Cardboard friend draws a picture of him on the wall. He was Johnny's late father who died before he was born. Johnny is reminded of him when he witnesses the picture Cardboard Friend drew of him. (However it should be noted that Jonathann and Pee Wee Ghost have also been referred to as Ghost's father)


There was a significant time period were Johnny Ghost and Sally were lost together. Enacting adventures to return to their homes. While most of the time they did not see eye to eye, Johnny and Sally eventually helped each other out of an ordeal.

Johnny certainly does not appreciate Sally's relationship with Slenderman, any time he sees him with or without Sally he will engage the creepypasta in combat.

Whilst in Belmont investigating Bane, his car was wrecked and he was forced to ask Sally ask Slenderman to ask Toast to give him a lift. However they had a fallout and started trying to kill each other. They have rarely spoken since then except when he gave Sally a Waffle gun (which turned out to actually shoot trains).

Toilet Toucher

Of all of Ghost's many foes, the Toilet Toucher is certainly his nemesis. Displaying great fear and disdain whenever a conflict between the two emerges. Both have triumphed over one another countless times.Toilet Toucher was revealed to be an older version of Johnny's uncle Ernie.

Papa Acachalla

Because these two characters both are played by Jordan, Johnny and Papa have never directly interacted with each other. However, in the Velociraptor playermodel video it was revealed that they have a past with one another, Papa being the first of Johnny Ghost's failed missions, Ghost trapped him in a box and shipped him to South America. Nevertheless, Johnny seems to be a regular visitor of the Acachalla residence mainly due to the Acachalla's supernatural behavior. It can be presumed that whilst Acachalla considers PIE to be overly expensive, he sees Johnny Ghost as a necessary evil when it comes to getting rid of ghosts. Likewise, Ghost shares a grudging respect for Acachalla. He obviously didn't rate him high on his intelligence, however, having sold a microwave that opens a portal to the 13th Dimension to them under the pretense that it was a "head cruster".

Johnny once gave Papa Acachalla a Waffle Gun (which was revealed to shoot trains rather than Waffles) to fight Sally, who had gone rogue on a highway with a train gun.

It seems after several visits to the Acachallas, Johnny has further realized the dangers they pose to the world. PIE have given Papa Acachalla a nuclear warhead in case the portal to the 13th dimension was opened again.

Fred Spooker

Fred was Ghost's partner while Toast was in jail. Ghost has shown a dislike for Spooker as he is scared of the ghosts. When Spooker died by tripping over a chair Ghost was a prime suspect. While Ghost was in a dimension overrun by zombies he ran into an alternate version of Spooker which caused Ghost to briefly turn into Casket and kill him.


After Johnny got back to his normal dimension, both Johnny's were met by a woman who claimed to be a police officer in the town before the "outbreak". Ghost then told Johnny Toast he thought it might be his sister. Toast didn't seem to believe it. Her real name has not been identified, for she refused to give it. Due to her grotesque appearance Johnny ghost refers to her being barnacle faced. The two dislike each other greatly, barnacle for her shady and suspicious nature, while Ghost is disregarded as unintelligent. What is interesting about barnacle is her knowledge of Gregory, Johnny's original personality, implying that she is not who she says she is. Whenever she talks about Gregory, Ghost simply disregards her.

John Smigglebug

There is a theory that John Smigglebug is another personality of Johnny Ghost, this is unconfirmed due to John only ever being mentioned by name once in a video he wasn't in, and the videos he was supposedly in are unclear about whether it's him or Papa Acachalla, but this theory was mostly debunked when Billy was revealed to Johnny's uncle.

Kylo Ren

Johnny Ghost traveled with Kylo in the TARDIS after he stole it from The Doctor, Kylo told him that he stole it to entertain Captain Phasma's daughter at her birthday party because she is a Whovian. Kylo was annoyed at Johnny when he kept saying his name and full title as a paranormal investigator and was surprised that Johnny didn't understand the TARDIS being bigger on the inside. Kylo made Johnny dress up as a girl because The Doctor "only has girl companions", the skirt he made Johnny wear actually turned him into a girl. It later turned out that Johnny Ghost may be Phasma's daughter (how this would work is unknown).

Captain Phasma

Phasma is supposedly Ghost's mother, though they have never met in a video.


Katrina was an old friend of Johnny Ghost and possible love interest. She was thought to be the mother of Billy and Yakface but this was mostly debunked when Billy was revealed to be Johnny's uncle. Jimmy Casket or cardboard Friend may be responsible for her death.She was a founding member of PIE.

Johnny Roast

Johnny Roast was a founding member of PIE who died and became a ghost that Ghost and Toast had to destroy.

Johnny Boast

Johnny Boast was a founding member of PIE who died and became a ghost that Ghost and Toast had to destroy.

Dark Pit

Dark Pit was Johnny Ghost's friend from high school. They made an amateur paranormal investigation team, he later joined PIE as a founding member but disappeared soon after. It is unknown if he is alive or not. He was most likely spirited away by a ghost.

William Barricade

William is one of the founding members of PIE.Ghost only knows him because he is friends with Toast.It is unknown if they are friends or not.

Princeton Quagmire

Princeton once turned into Jimmy Casket and shot someone, meaning he might be a personality of Ghost/Casket/Gregory.Some fans think Jimmy might have just possessed him like he did to Vahl and Cywren.

Light Zeron

Johnny Ghost once worked with Toast to make a documentary about Light Zeron's job. Zeron acted so weird that he thought that he might be a paranormal.Johnny was later revealed to be right because Light turned out to be a vampire.Light then chased him and Toast out of the restaurant.

Donald Donnie

Johnny went to school with Donnie and was the only one who knew he was a lizard alien in disguise. When Donnie came to his McDonald's Johnny turned in to Jimmy Casket and killed him after getting annoyed, causing an invasion.


Johnny created him using a Twinkie and had him take over his shift at McDonalds.

Ernie Ghost

Ernie is Johnny's uncle twice removed they seem to get along but Johnny got mad when he broke his lore.(note:once,twice,etc removed only applies to cousins so what a twice removed uncle actually means is unknown so it's left to the imagination.)Ernie was later revealed to be middle aged Toilet Toucher/Billy.

Chris "Colon" Ghostie

Is PIE's newest member.He seems to annoy Ghost, but less than Spooker.They seem to get along okay.
180px-Cof simon


  • It is stated by Jordan in the first ever appearance of Johnny Ghost that his full name is Jonathan Ghost. This was later possibly contradicted when Ghost claimed that his mother named him "Johnny Ghost, Paranormal. Investigator Extraordinaire".
  • In the video GHOST HUNT! -- Gmod Siblings PROP HUNT! 18 (Garry's Mod) Venturian confirmed Johnny Ghost, Gregory, and Jimmy Casket are all the same person.
  • Johnny Ghost killed Sally, but it was really Jimmy Casket who killed her since Jimmy is actually a fragment of Johnny. Sally came back from the dead.
  • He has ornithophobia.
  • at the gmod DORITOS MOD jorden stated that johnny is actually part ghost.
  • Johnny Ghost has a (short, but intro-worthy) third appearance in a horror map that starts with, "Hello, I'm Johnny Ghost, paranormal investigator..." in a scared voice.
  • He is the principal of Creepypasta college. Strange, because in the creepypasta western video, he said he would have to kill the creepypastas if he found out they were paranormal. He later was fired and replaced with a new principal, principal Buttkicker.
  • His hair is really messy, even more so as Jimmy Casket.
  • He has nightmares about Aimee.
  • Johnny Ghost's new model is Simon, from the game Cry of Fear. Ironic, because Cry Of Fear is a game about demons and generally ghostly objects.
  • Once, when fighting the Toilet Toucher, he indirectly caused the Chernobyl incident.
  • He once removed a level 5 poltergeist truck from the Acachalla's house.
  • He may have M.P.D (Aka Multiple Personality Disorder) MPD is now called Dissociative Identity Disorder, and it is likely that Ghost may have this. However he has not shown any signs of instability since 2014.
  • He is not British, unlike Johnny Toast.
  • it is official that Johnny has a part time job at McDonald's.
  • He once shot and killed a cosplayer dressed as Blaziken, thinking it was a ghost.
  • Johnny seems to exhibit it supernatural abilities, such as speaking ghost languages and creating weapons from his mind. During his time in the Dream Zone, Ghost gained the powers to resplendent and levitate.
  • He has the inability to say the word "suspicious".
  • Ghost has acquired wings on his temples, giving him the ability of flight.
  • He had a very traumatic experience in his childhood involving mascots.
  • He said that he has his own commercial.
  • He has a part-time job in the summer working at McDonalds and didn't want Toast to know about it.
  • He and Toast visited the Acacalla home in HAPPY THANKSGIVING! The VenturianTale Thanksgiving Special (Garry's Mod).
  • He and Toast sold the Acachallas the microwave that opens portals to alternate dimensions.
  • it was stated in the Rancor Pet Mod that his McDonald's burned to the ground and that he tackles Slenderman
  • In the SCARY GHOST HORROR MAP! - Gmod Haunted House Mod (Garry's Mod) video, Ghost was arrested as a prime suspect in the murder of Fred Spooker. Papa Acachalla briefly replaced him.
  • Ghost bought a Kill Bill cosplay sword from comicon a few years back. (And accidentally killed Toast with it.)
  • After Toast was infected by a werewolf he temporarily infected Ghost with it, however Ghost had eaten some berries earlier that cured him.
  • He has a fear of jumping.
  • Ghost has a fear of old men.
  • When he was a kid he was struck by lightning that went down his house through the couch, across his shirt,up his nose and hit his brain.
  • When they were kids Toast tied a bowling ball to Ghost's feet and threw him in a lake. Ghost nearly drowned but Toast saved him by using a using a fishing rod and hooking Ghost's ear.
  • Ghost dreams of Cats and being Johnny Toast.
  • His theme song is Monster by Imagine Dragons.
  • Ironically, Ghost is half-ghost. (Or has ghost-like abilities).
  • He shares a name with Australian horror movie Johnny Ghost. This is likely a coincidence. 

Ultimate form

His ultimate form is Balloon Boy, as seen in the Hello Neighbor goes to McDonald's video. 


Johnny Ghost was a contestant within The VenturianTale Character Tournament: 2017 Edition and won the tournament.

Behind the Scenes

Johnny Ghost was originally supposed to be a one-off character created specifically for the Kermit the Frog Mod episode. In this one-off appearance, Ghost appears alone without Toast, and apparently is killed by Kermit within five minutes of his first encounter. This appearance was retconned into the character of his father in REAL GHOST FOUND IN GMOD!? SCARY HAUNTING FOOTAGE!


Johnny ghost and toast

Ghost's first pairing with Toast was for the Prop Hunt videos, which also introduced characters such as Aimée, Johnny Roast,and Johnny Boast who were apparently going to be used in further episodes but were dropped after their first appearance. Later Ghost was used for videos of horror maps. He would also occasionally make cameos in other, unrelated episodes, including ones about the Acachallas or Officer Maloney.



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