Johnny (LEGO Figure)
Gender Unknown, Male in appearance, Female in voice
Played by Cierra
Status Alive
Position/Rank LEGO Brand minifgure
Nationality American
Age Unknown
Group Toilet Toucher's toys
Weapon Crowbar
Debut  ?

Johnny is a LEGO Minifigure owned by the Toilet Toucher. He lives in Toliet Toucher's LEGO set, Lego land.


Johnny Ghost and Johnny Toast met Johnny when they were trapped in Toilet Toucher's LEGO set. He ordered a Pizza and Ghost asked him if there were any Law enforcement.


Bob Edit

Johnny is a neighbor of Bob in LEGO Land, and it's implied they're friends

Johnny GhostEdit

Johnny first met Ghost when he and Toast were stuck in a "Child's" (Later found to be Toilet Toucher) Toybox. Ghost asked him if he knew any law enforcement, so Johnny and another LEGO Figure go off to try to find a police station.

Johnny ToastEdit

Johnny Toast was one of the people stuck in a Child's toybox. He met Toast.

Toilet ToucherEdit

He is owned by the Toilet Toucher.

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