Gregory sighed. He hated ghost, more than ever now. "Stupid Cardboard Friend!" He mumbled,"Lying to me..." He jumped up as an idea popped into his mind. "I'll become a paranormal investigator named Johnny Ghost!" He shouted, dancing.

  Johnny Ghost was now pretty popular, he had hired a man named Johnny Toast, who I think is Johnny Ghost's long lost brother. "Beware", Johnny G. read from a sign,"Dangerous mission. Ghost boss up ahead." Johnny G. turned to Johnny T. "This is too dangerous for you Toast", Johnny G. said,"You stay."

  Johnny Ghost found tons of clues, but he was most fond of the knife. Suddenly a red light blinded him.

  Johnny was in a white room. "Am I dead?!" He asked himself, looking around,"Is this heaven?" "Hey you!" A voice said,"Give my knife and you'll get your weird device back." "Fine", Johnny said,"Here's your knife. Now where's my ghost hunting device?" "On second thought, I've changed my mind", the voice said. The ghost took his knife and stabbed Johnny in the stomach. He flew in and used his powers to close the hole. He also erased Johnny's memory for the last hour. You guessed it, that ghost was Jimmy Casket >:D

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