Jauffre, is a old man that is a Grandmaster of the Blades he is a Blade as he is to Protect the emperor of Uriel Septim and Martin Septim.

When They first met Edit

In the first time they met each other Asylum Weaver tell him about everything back then before the emperor died jauffre was feeling that asylum should get Martin in that place called Kvatch.

Jauffre Quest to Asylum Edit

When Jauffre give a quest to asylum he need to go to bruma to find spies there so asylum go there and after that he came back and talk to jauffre about killed all the spies. Jauffre was proud of him,asylum was going to talk to martin about armor of tiber septim he told him everything about it and jauffre was wandering the temple.

The Battle of The end Edit

The end of bruma not just yet Martin and the soldier of Cyrodiil are ready to begin the fight Jauffre,Baurus,Burd and Asylum Weaver ready to face the daedra and the mehrune dagon after the battle of bruma ends the soldier of cyrodiil won and head back to the temple called Cloud ruler temple so martin activate the portal to paradise for asylum he must defeat Mankar Cameron before is too late. after asylum defeat Mankar Cameron There were Jauffre and Baurus all member of the blades surround him. When Jauffre went with martin to the imperial city they gonna do martin be the emperor of cyrodiil but the city is under attack so they went to the temple of the one and stop mehrune dagon,before martin stop it Jauffre died sacrifice his life by defeating the daedra warrior.

Jauffre stayed at ? Edit

  • Jauffre stayed at the weynon priory(Beginning of the Quest)
  • Jauffre was at the Cloud ruler temple
  • Sometime he died in a battle or at the end

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