Jasper lol
Jasper's model from Skyrim
Gender Male
Played by Michael/Isaac
Status Alive
Position/Rank M/A
Nationality Unknown (Presumed American)
Age Unknown
Group Qeios, unaffiliated
Weapon N/A
Debut Qeios: Beyond the Lies

Jasper is a character from Qeios. He has a "crush" on Rivatha and has been stalking her. He is a very lonely person. He has a penguin plushie named "Fuzzy Wuzzy."

Actor(s): MCab719 (Michael) (Qeios)

HomelessGoomba (Isaac) (Gmod)


Qeios Edit

  • Beyond the Lies
  • Beyond the Killing 

Other Edit


  • His crush on Rivatha gets carried away sometimes.
  • His character draws inspiration from L of "Death Note" and Levi Ackerman of "Attack on Titan".
  • Jasper was originally supposed to play the role of Mrs. Whiteley's son, but this was changed during production
  • Effort causes him distress.
  • Jasper can protect Rivatha like a thorough protector, as shown as Episode 3 "Beyond the Killing".
  • He's the only character to have more than one main voice actor.
  • He is apparently friends with Billy Acachalla.
  • He is the only Qeios character to appear in the Gmod Roleplay series.
  • His appearance in the roleplay suggests that the world Qeios takes place in is a Dimension within the main Gmod Universe/Multiverse canon.(This may also apply to Riverbrook due to Brook's appearance in a Gmod episode.)

Model Edit

His model is Miraak from the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Dragonborn DLC.