The Acachalla family... Simple? NO WAY JOSE....Jose Jose Jose


This, my friends, is my page. I call it my notebook. I put down thoughts and theories about things.

Thought 1:

Jimmy Casket, Johnny Ghost, Gregory.

LORE: Jimmy Casket/Insane, Johnny Ghost: Paranormal Investigator. Gregory/Lonely

THOUGHT: Does Jordan every tell us in detail WHO is WHO in this family tree? No. Here's my thoughts;

The first is that All 3 boys are the same person: The boy, Johnny Jimmy Gregory, has personality disorders. One them reflects his wishes of life: That he will rule everyone, and he WILL do whatever he wants, including murders. Jimmy Casket. He longs to be known. He wants to be notorious for many things, if bad or good. Thats one of them. The Gregory, on the other hand, reflects his childhood: Lonley. He was so lonely that his parents left him in an old mansion with nothing more than a pile of boxes. Remembering his sad childhood, he makes himself think that for years he had a live, taking box friend to keep him company. Johnny, being insane, still has all these thoughts. When you are mentally ill, you can't always control your-Well, anything. Most of the time you think things that make no sence. Well?? Think about it. This is not an offical theory, as it is not really confirmed by the Crew or by me...Just thought...

Another thought is that all 3 boys are mixed up. Like, instead of Jimmy being the murderer, Gregory was. His motive, his lack of friends. Johnny, being the forgotten one with the friend, gives himself the nickname Johnny 'Ghost', because he feels like he is invisible to people like a ghost. And Jimmy investigates Paranormal Happenings.

I JUST THOUGHT: This all, all these theories, all these family trees, everything! IT ALL MAKES SENCE! Either Jordan and siblings plans the characters everytime...Or...Well...Wow.

Thought 2:

This is cheesy and so clichė, but..

LORE: The Acachallas and everyone else are all real on Earth.

THOUGHT: Papa Acachalla is a child dying from cancer in a hospital

I know, I know, Deep death stuff. I can see you typing that comment -.-

But maybe Papa's adventures thought his life is just a coma/dream?

That explains why nothing makes sence in the 'verse of Acachalla. And why everyone, almost everyone, around him is so DUMB: He, Papa, the boy, imagines himself smarter than everyone else, so his brain makes everyone dumb. Also, He is a father because his dream was to have kids and a wife and a loving life (Wow rhyme). Whoah.

I have other thoughts, so don't mess with my page please.

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