Game Fallout, Gmod
Race  ?
Gender Male
Age  ?
Birthday  ?
Position  ?
Status  ?
Weapon(s) Fists
Played by  ?
Debut  ?
DERPY HULK! -- Gmod FAN CHALLENGES Episode 16! (Garry's Mod)22:01

DERPY HULK! -- Gmod FAN CHALLENGES Episode 16! (Garry's Mod)

The Hulk (Bruce Banners) is a Marvel character that appears in A Skyrim Tale, Jedi academy, and Gmod.

Skyrim Edit

The Hulk, along with Black Widow and the rest of the Avengers, somehow got on Nirn. The Avengers got to Solitude and got around a camp fire in the middle of the hold/city.

Vahl, along with some other followers, came to Solitude and found the Avengers. Vahl greeted Hulk and Natasha and welcomed them to the group.

A couple episodes later, they somehow got off Nirn and went back to Earth. According to Venturian, they went to New York. Venturian, for whatever reason, was creeped out by Hulk.

Jedi AcademyEdit

Upon this point, Jordan is aware that hulk mods in any game he plays tend to be disturbingly ugly, this observation remained correct in Jedi Academy. Immediately revolted at the abominations he summoned, Venturian spawned in several enemies to destroy the two hulks, finally succeeding when darth Vader destroyed them. Though Jedi Vahl was forced to cooperate with some Hulk in order to defeat a rancor.

Garry's ModEdit

Hulk has been seen as a rag doll within Gmod videos.
Screenshot 2016-09-12-20-10-27 kindlephoto-190722968

The Hulk in Garry's Mod

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