"I am The Golf, I will win. "
One of his transformations.
Gender Unspecified
Played by Bethany Frye
Status Alive
Position/Rank Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Age 30-40
Group Unknown
Weapon Knife
Debut Murder "THE GOLF!" - Gmod Murder Siblings 8

Golf character in Murder "THE GOLF!" - Gmod Murder Siblings 8. Bethany says that Golf will always win the round, even if he is the murderer. He can also look like anybody but he's Golf if his name is Golf. This belief was expressed to such an extent that the other players began to worship and fear him alike.

Abilities Edit

He is an unknown being. But, we're sure that he can shapeshift. He uses his power as an advantage to win in Murder. He is portrayed by all members throughout the Murder series seeing that he can be anyone he sees fit.