Ghost is an unnamed Slimer that appeared in the Gmod GHOSTBUSTERS Slimer Mod! video, and is an idiot. He is the mayor of the town and came from a gumball machine.

Biography Edit

The ghost was the former mayor of the town who was killed by his spoiled cat. The ghost scared away the townsfolk and a ghost hunter was sent in to investigate. They mayor had been a ghost for some time by now and the time had taken an adverse affect on his mental capabilities. Roast was striven to uncover the mystery. As Ghost's couldn't follow him into the house they lived In, he deduced the ghost must be the mayor. The ghost was explained the situation and, on discovering that his cat killed him for not being fed, he replied that he had fed the cat every day. The hunter figures that the only way to free the mayor is to kill the cat; they face off the cat and kill it; however the hunter is mortally wounded in the process and their states are reversed; the mayor is now alive, and the ghost hunter is now a ghost.

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