Frea Crag-Strider
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Game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Race  ?
Gender Female
Age 30 (In 4E 202, Debut)

34 (In 4E 206, Skyrim Tale Series end)

Birthday 14th of Last Seed, 4E 172
Position  ?
Status  ?
Weapon(s) Stahlrim War Axe, Nordic War Axe
Played by  ?
FAN ART 'SPLOSION! - Let's Play A SKYRIM Tale! Ep21:26

FAN ART 'SPLOSION! - Let's Play A SKYRIM Tale! Ep. 29 (Dragonborn DLC)

Frea Crag-Strider is a Nord of Solsthiem and lived with her father (deceased) at the Skaal Village. She adventured with Vahl on her journey. She was a series regular on A Skyrim Tale.



Her father Storn, the village's shaman, died when Hermaeus-Mora attacked the Skaal Village.

Unnamed MotherEdit

Her mother died when she was very young while she was out in a blizzard collecting firewood.

Vath FirehallEdit

When Vath Firehall was first introduced Venturian stated that Vath was her "significant other".


Although, Miraak was an indirect cause of her fathers death, Frea and him seem to get along.


Frea wears Nordic carved armor with matching boots and gauntlets. She was given Ysgrammor's shield by Vahl as well a special skaal amulet that protects her from Miraak's influence. She carries a Stahlrim War axe, as well as a Nordic bow.

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