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Foxy is a character in Five Nights at Freddy's, and also appeared in Gmod. He appears frequently in different forms in VenturianTale videos. Though all different Foxys have different past, he was said to be Toast's son to his second wife. He was killed by SpongeBob though it is presumed that he came back from the dead like many other characters have. Also in gmod, foxy raised his son, Baby foxy in his mansion which he'd bough from stealing Mike. ( The security guard) He continued making money from all his green grass which some gives him money.

He also appeared in Left 4 Dead 2 as a playermodel. Issac, who was playing him at the time accidentally threw a pipe bomb killing the entire group. Next round Jordon (Freddy) gunned him down on sight for failing la the apocalyps. After many tries and fails the gang realises that they don't work well in teams like they used to, so they killed eachother. Foxy along with Freddy and Chica died in battle.