Fire Geckos are mutated lizards found in the Mojave Wasteland. Cywren had encountered a pack of them on the first episode of Another Fallout Tale.

Biology Edit

Adult Fire Geckos Edit

Fire Geckos have mottled purple and red hides, and prominent spikes on their backs. In addition to their bite and claw attacks, they have the ability to breathe fire. They can mainly be found in and around mountainous areas and caves, such as the Lucky Jim Mineand Nopah Cave.

Young Fire Geckos Edit

These immature Geckos are smaller and weaker than adults, but attack in the same way and share the ability to breathe fire. They may be encountered in groups with full-grown fire geckos.

Legendary Fire Gecko Edit

The legendary fire Gecko is one of the five legendary creatures. It is roughly twice the size of a normal fire gecko, and its powerful and fast attacks makes it a dangerous opponent in close combat. It is found in Fire Root cavern. Cywren hasn't ran into this one yet.

Trivia Edit

  • They tried to give Cywren car insurence.
  • They are the first creature Cywren encountered in Another Fallout Tale.