Note this is my first fanfic and is still in beta stages.and I'll be adding more soon. Also please only correct spelling errors.also this is just a fanfic and is not official.Both Cywren and vhale was made by vent and Both Fallout and Skyrim are trademarks of Bethesda not me.Also please don't.lie and say you created this.If you want to refer to me call me Mr.Rankings11..

Chapter one VhaleEdit

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It was a perfect day to go on a adventure or was it.. One day vhale was fighting some bandits,While Poit was visiting a old friend.After defeating all the bandits vhale walked on.In tell she noticed a bright glowing light in the distance.She than thought'Wow if Jordan was here he would probably be spouting out random nonsense that would not have anything to do with the situation.She was wondering if she should go up to it or leave the thing alone.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Chapter 2 Cywren

Cywren was wondering around the Monclave wasteland mapping the locations on here pipboy while looking for Nuca cola machines and buildings to explore when suddenly a message came on her pipboy 'What the' But before she could read it the screen turned black than it turned back on but this time she could see something very strange. It's like shhe was looking into a different view from someone or something.           

???:Are plan is almost in action.

???:True but do you think it will work.

???:Yes. In fact I know it will work. But before we set it in full motion. He needs to go.

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