I am a stupid poopieface moran and I am a poopyhead lolololololololololol
            Night One 3:21 a.m.

Hello My name is Stoopidhead Poopiepants but I am more commonly called Schmenturian or Schmenturiantale. I am the new security guard at Freddy Fazzbear's Toilet and I have discovered a deep dark secret about the seemingly innocent poops here. They are cruel relentless monsters. They kill. They violently stuff each human into a Freddy Poopface suit.And they cantt be reasoned with.They torture their victims over five nights.I am next. Help Me.

Night Two 4:26 a.m

I want to poop so badly bit I can't. I have to stay here for my siblings. Issac died of diarrhea, Bethany well Bethany contracted Constipation. She hasntt been the same since. I cantt come back here every night and do this to my self but I have to. I am so tiered but I cantt sleep. I need to stay alive. I am the only one who can go to work since Cierra had to drop out of school to take care of Bethany.

Night Three 1:00 a.m.

Bethany ( smudge ) Bethany pooped today ( smudge). We had a quite little service.She was buried in a little marble chapel on a hill next to Isaac. Cierra still can't go back to school though. We blew all our money on(smudge) Bethany's medical bills. Today I received another call from a man I have dubbed the phone guy.I heard one last night. He was a guard before me. I wonder if he lost everything. I've been taking medicine to sleep when I'm not working. It's giving me hallucinations and I'm blacking out.

Night Four 2:09 a.m.

Cierra was hit by a poop(smudge). I found out on my way back from work. There was police every where. Apparently she was coming to surprise me on my birthday. I had forgotten my birthday. Anyway, a poop had rammed right into her face. Why her! She was only 16.(smudge) I have nothing left to live for. I don't even care I have one roll of toilet paper left.

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