One normal day Johnny ghost was doing paranormal stuff. Toast couldn't come, he was much to busy. Then Something push him down, box friend. "Yay. I waited for you." Ghost was confused. Ghost felt something in pocket, a knife. Before turning into jimmy, a person appear behind him with a bat. The thing was wearing a black cloak. " sorry," the person said before him ghost head with a bat.then everything went black. When he awoken, he was laying in a bed. Not any bed he'd seen before. In the room was boxes holding stuff, and a single picture frame on the ground.the place look old, as if no one owned it for years. He looked to see he was chained to the bed. Then the same person walked in. " your awake. I was... Getting worried." The cloaked person said. " where am i? Who are you? Wheres toast? Why I'm chained? And why you knocked me out? Asked ghost. " first off your in my house. Your chained and knocked out so you wouldn't hurt anyone when i tell you this. And toast is coming. I told him everything." Ghost was confused. " why will i hurt people?" The person stared. " ever heard of jimmy or Gregory?" " box friend keeps talking about Gregory. And jimmy as jimmy casket? He's just a legend." Ghost said. " no," said the person." Their you. You just don't remember. Gregory came first, then jimmy, then you. Everyone knows this, we just don't tell you. Jimmy may come out." "YOUR LYING! And who are you" ghost said. The cloaked person took the picture from the ground and hand it to him. The picture showed him and a girl, smiling and hugging. The the person took off the cloak." K.. K.. Katrina?" Just then the door opened and toast came out, which made Katrina disappeared. " sir. Are you alright. You chained to a bed." " i saw Katrina." Ghost said." She told me the truth. Im a monster."

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