The VenturianTale Character Tournament II Finale is a short fanfiction depicting the final day of the VenturianTale Character Tournament. Please note Quasar will not be in the fanfiction due to the fact he is low on votes.

Characters Edit

The FanFiction Edit

Toast stepped forward, his mountain climbing gear on his jacket and clothing. Casket stepped forward as well, his blood-stained jacket changing from dark to light and back and forth as he stepped through the shadows, his knife twirling in hand. In Toast's hands was his pistol, which he felt wouldn't do much good. "Are you ready to die, Toast?" Casket cackled, swinging the knife around his hand. Toast frowned. "I know you're in there, sir! I know you can fight this!" he yelled to the personality of Ghost, one of the three in Casket. Casket laughed again. "He can't hear you, idiot! It's only me and you!" he said hysterically. Toast sighed. He did not want to fight his partner. He cocked his pistol, aiming it ahead. But this was not Johnny Ghost.

Casket attacked first. The murderer took a stab to Johnny, who dodged the attack quickly. Casket growled in fury, rolling down to take a swipe or two at Toast. As the paranormal investigator aimed his pistol, Jimmy jumped, slashing into Toast's wrist and causing blood to trickle out of the pale-skinned Brit's arm. Johnny grunted, wrapping a bandage around his wrist, taking a glance to his pistol on the metal floor. Jimmy laughed, diving down to stab into Toast's foot. However, Johnny was able to evade the stab. Jimmy frowned. "Don't you wanna play, Toast?" he laughed. Johnny shook his head. "Snap out of it, sir! I know you can do it!" he urged. But Casket didn't listen. Or Ghost didn't. Argh, I'm confusing myself! Whoops, the narrator's not supposed to break the fourth wall. Let's return in a moment to see how the battle finishes!

Casket swung his knife again, getting Toast in his stomach. Toast grunted, but lifted his hand to knock Casket back. He then darted over to his pistol on the ground, snatching it up. "Get back here!" Casket yelled, tossing a knife. Toast dodged it as Casket ran in. But he didn't make it. Toast fired his pistol, slamming a bullet into Casket and knocking him to the ground. Now, Jimmy Casket was about to be dead. Toast paced to Casket. He looked down. "I'm sorry," he said, firing a bullet, putting down Jimmy Casket. As Toast turned and walked, a voice said, "Johnny? Come back!" Toast spun around, seeing Johnny Ghost standing up. "Sir! You're alive!" he said, running and wrapping his arms around his back. "Sir, I thought you had died!" he said. Ghost smiled. "I did too."

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