Gmod BIRD WINGS Mod! (Garry's Mod)18:30

Gmod BIRD WINGS Mod! (Garry's Mod)

Hey, guys! Another Fanfic. This time it's BIONICLE-Related...Yay!- Random Contributor who wrote Half-life Theories page and a Acachella ROLEPLAY! Writer. This takes place 2 days after the Bird Wings mod and 3 years after the Gmod Bionicle mod.

This is a intro to a bigger fanfic, coming soon....

 Acachalla ToaEdit

Papa Acachalla turned on the TV to watch the game, but the screen saying "Sorry, but all Sport related channels are being removed until Friday." "Well crap...." Papa grabbed an old box from under the couch and opened it. Inside, there were McDonald's Matorans and old BIONIClE comics. He took a comic out and read it.

Sally, who was still staying outside (As she was outside for 3 days) while Billy was flying around and hitting walls to the house. Gertrude was in the basement, cleaning out Jeremy's cell and packing old boxes in the Storage unit. She noticed something in Jeremy's cell.... "Jeremy, could you move for a second?" Jeremy teleported to the other part of the room and Gertrude picked up a Gold LEGO brick. "Why is this here..." she turned it and saw the words "Toa of the Acachalla". "Toa of the....Papa!" Gertrude called. Papa sighed and put down his comic. "What do you want?" he yelled. "I found this gold LEGO thingy...." Papa got off the couch and ran to the basement. "Gertrude! Don't touch that!" he said, but the brick started to glow. "What the...."


Papa woke up and seen Gertrude being dragged off by a tall figure, and another tall figure standing above Papa. "What....What happened...." The figure pulled Papa up by the collar. "Hello. I'm Makuta. And your going to find the Four Masks of Acachalla..." "OR DIE!" he shouted and stabbed the wall. Papa gulped. "They have returned....."

"Makuta's back!"

The EndEdit

Next part coming in 2015....

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