A fanmade trailer of A Skyrim Tale

"The dragonborn..." A man with a grey beard said. "She will come.."; Vahl runs across the snow filled ground and grabs her sword; "She will save us from the evil of Tamriel..."; "ROAR!" A dragon perches down onto the ground; "For she is the Dovahkiin!"; Vahl takes her bow and aims at the dragon; "Here she comes....Here she comes!" a light female voice sung; She stretched her back; "Dragonborn! Dovahkiin!"; She grinds her teeth and lets the arrow fly; "Here she comes! Here she comes! To save the blood filled land, of Skyrim!"; The dragon looked back at her with an arrow stuck in its eye; "Here she comes..."; "FUS RO DAH!" She knocks the dragon back, and she jumps with her sword in hand, aiming for the head. "TEAR!"........ "Here she comes..."

The end

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