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The Cabin in the Woods is an upcoming fanfiction written by TheLoneClone. It is going to be focused around several VenturianTale roleplay characters as teenagers trying to survive alone in an eerie cabin in an eerie forest.

Introduction Edit

All right, let's see where this story goes. I've recently stumbled across a playthrough of the 2015 PlayStation 4 game Until Dawn, which is about a group of teenagers who have to survive in the woods with no help from anyone else as a mad killer- and supernatural beings- hunts them down. So, that's basically this story's premise: a group of teenaged VT characters in the woods who have to survive.

Now, the big question: Who are the characters? Let's take a look.

NOTE: This story is going to be AU compared to the rest of the VT universe. Several characters of different ages will all be in the same vicinity, from 15 through 20. They all have normal, everyday lives (with a small exception of the PIE crew- they have an obsession with the paranormal, which isn't a normal, everyday obsession..or maybe it is...).

Obviously, we have to have the PIE team of Ghost and Toast. Both Johnnys are in their teenage years- Ghost just turned 17 and Toast on the verge of 18. They haven't had a lot of experience with ghost hunting, as you'd expect for two teenagers. They've been best friends since middle school, so they're pretty much inseparable.

With these two main PIE teammates we've got Katrina, another friend of Ghost and Toast's from middle school. Katrina has a crush on Toast, whereas Ghost has one on her. Yeah, a love triangle. Imagine all the teenage drama with THAT. Spooker and Colon will also be with them, and these two look up to Ghost, Toast, and Katrina and want to join their paranormal club.

Then we have the Acachallas: Billy (aged 18), Sally (aged 17), Sue (aged 20), and Spencer (aged 15). Due to the ignorance of Papa Acachalla's signing of the adoption papers for Sue, the boy was classified as female. His younger siblings Billy, Sally, and Spencer were all adopted as well. Sally has a more emo side and therefore is a bit rebellious to authority figures. Billy is rambunctious and acts too childish for Mama Gertrude's taste. Spencer is nerdy about everything nerdy, so expect the usual sci-fi and fantasy references from him throughout.

As well as these characters we have just four more: Mary, Maddie, Jack, and Aaron. The latter two are my own OCs- well, one is. The other is a semi-OC. Jack is the more leader-type of character and will therefore be the one to take action more than others. Aaron is the semi-OC- instead of being a whole new character, he is an incarnation of teenage Slender Man. An emo, just like Sally, Aaron was given the nickname "Slender" for being so thin. And, of course, you know Maddie is Maddie-Friend and Mary is the pre-married Mary Toast.

So, I that's it for the characters. I hope that this story turns out well. Thanks for reading this introduction and I hope you check back in for the rest of the novel. Until next time!

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