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The Cabin in the Woods is a fanfiction written by TheLoneClone. It is going to be focused around several VenturianTale roleplay characters as teenagers trying to survive alone in an eerie cabin in an eerie forest.

Introduction Edit

The Cabin in the Woods (TCITW) is a story that I've been developing in my mind for a while. It has a more serious, and a bit darker tone than other VT content in the past. It follows a group of our favorite roleplay characters as teenagers, all going away for one week during the summer to a cabin in the woods.

You can see the list of characters in the scrollbox in the appearances section and read about them on their pages. This is also a project that I want to collaborate and talk to you guys about. In that I mean you guys may edit character pages and update relationship sections and other parts that pertain to info revealed in this story. (Please do not add anything to their backstory unless, as I said, it was mentioned in the story. You may leave suggestions if you have any concerning backstories in the comments, and who knows, they might just become canon.)

I also want you guys to let me know your thoughts and speculations as the story goes on, be it concerning possible plot twists, deaths, and the like. Speaking of deaths, people WILL DIE in this story...some that are even from the VT roleplay universe.

That out of the way, you may check one of my recent forums in the "Fun and Games" thread section to help me find "actors" to "portray" my three OCs Aaron Martin, Jack Gordon, and Emilia Bates. The thread is called "TCITW characters".

The story will begin production soon, so be looking out for updates in the coming days. Thank you all for your patience regarding this project and your help. I really appreciate it. Your actor suggestions have come in handy and many of them are just as I pictured them in real-life. Until the first chapter rolls out, discuss your thoughts and predictions, read up on character backstories, and let me know what you're excited to see! Until next time.

Rating Poll Edit

What do you think of the story so far?

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Rating Edit

THE CABIN IN THE WOODS is rated "M" for "Mature" for the following: strong violence, bloody situations, mild language, and suggestive themes.

Chapters Edit

ONE | The Plans Are Set Edit

Johnny Toast sat with his back facing the wall in the school's library, tipping his back up against the wall as he read the last page in the chapter of To Kill a Mockingbird he needed to read for his school project. As he began to start the next sentence, his best friend--Johnny Ghost--plopped into the wooden seat beside him, letting out a loud sigh.

Toast smiled as he slid his thin bookmark into the book, closing it. "All right, John, what is it?"

Ghost turned to face his friend and arched an eyebrow. "What? What is what, Johnny?"

"You know what," the British teenager said, chuckling. "Whatever it is you're groaning about over there." Ghost let out a slight smile, realizing his attempt at acting nonchalant was failing--miserably.

"I'm not too good at keeping a straight face, am I?"

The older Johnny shook his head. "Not one bit."

Both laughed slightly as Toast glanced up. "What is it, John?" Ghost--who had taken up the shortened name John so as to avoid confusion--sighed again, resting his elbows on the library's table.


Toast nodded. "Ah, yes. Very specific. Not at all a broad word." He rolled his eyes when Ghost didn't respond to him. "Please, use a little more detail, John. What exactly is the problem?"

John leaned back, looking to the ceiling. "It's just...different things. My grades aren't the greatest, I got slammed into a locker again and I think I got my senses knocked loose a little, and..." He glanced up slightly to see the third party in the trio that he and Johnny were apart of. "...Her."

Johnny glanced up, smirking slightly as the dark-haired Katrina Evans entered the library, a smile spreading across her face as she caught sight of Ghost and Toast at the library's corner table.

For as long as he could remember, Johnny knew that Ghost was lovesick over Katrina--badly. It seemed almost as if he was going to die if he didn't ask her out or something, but he never did. Johnny felt horrible when he found out that Katrina liked him, of all people.

"Why me?" he had asked himself mentally. "It could've been John, it could've been that Raven-what's-his-face guy, it could've been Fred, but, oh no, it had to be me! Jonathan Toast, Junior. Of all people, why me?!"

Luckily, he had been able to act oblivious to Katrina's feelings to him, being able to avoid any problems between the three of them. Katrina seemed to lost interest--slightly--when Johnny got involved with Mary Petrova, the new girl who had transferred from another school.

And, boy, did Johnny get involved.

In nearly one month, the two had gotten close--very close--and were soon dating. Johnny knew that it might cause a rift in his relationship with Katrina and John, which it did. Thankfully, he was able to mend whatever ties had been broken in the following months and since then they had all been one happy family again.

Katrina walked over to the table, pulling one of the chairs out. She turned it around before sitting on it so she could sit with her black backpack still on, without it rubbing on the back of the chair. "What's going on?" she asked, the slightest hint of a British accent in her voice. Somebody on her mother's side was of British descent, and because of that they had lived in England for a few years as she grew up. When they moved back to America, Katrina's British tones had disappeared for the most part, but the slightest twinge of British tongue was heard as she spoke.

John sat, looking at her for several moments, before shaking his head. "Oh...well...we were just talking about this book!" he said, quickly passing his hand over the cover of Harper Lee's classic. Toast smiled as John acted as if he knew exactly what he was talking about.

"Oh, I love To Kill a Mockingbird!" Katrina exclaimed, snatching it up. "How d'you like the court scene?" she asked.

John's face fell. "Erm...court scene?" He glanced to Johnny for help, but Toast wasn't about to offer any. " was...very suspenseful."

Katrina's excitement slightly deteriorated. "Oh...that's...all you've got to say about it?" she asked, a sad tinge in her voice. Ghost gulped, tapping the table's surface repeatedly. "Well..."

He suddenly looked to his right and saw Fred Spooker on his knees, reaching for a book on the bottom of a shelf. "Hey, Spook!" Ghost called out.

Spooker turned around, looking to Ghost. "Yeah? What is it, John?" The teenager stepped forward, rubbing a hand across his stubbled face.

"What're you doing here?" Ghost asked.

Spooker brandished the book he had picked out from the shelf. "Oh, just getting a book." He quickly tucked it down, keeping the cover from view.

"What is it?" Johnny asked, his curiosity piqued.

Spooker shrugged. "Just...a book."

"Is it The Fault in Our Stars, by any chance?" Katrina asked, on the verge of laughter.

Spooker's jaw dropped before he snapped it shut again. "How did you--well...I mean...yes, it is." Ghost turned to look at Katrina in admiration.

"How did you know?" he asked.

Katrina shrugged. "Just a hunch. Partly because it is Emilia Bates's favorite book." Spooker was now growing red in the face, shifting from one foot to the other.

"Emilia Bates, is it, Spooker?" Toast asked, smiling humorously at his friend.

Spooker sighed. "All right, fine, you guys win. Yes, I'm getting it because it's Emilia's favorite book. Yes, I like her. Yes, I know it's stupid." He turned away, looking out the window. "Just...please, don't tell anybody. Especially not that...that Jack."

The three friends exchanged glances. "Well...we won't say anything, Spook," John said. "But...just one question. Why is it so important we don't tell anyone?"

Spooker looked as if he was going to answer them before waving them off. "It--it's fine. Just...please, keep it between us, huh?"

Toast raised a palm up, trying to show him all was fine. "Whatever you say, Spooker. We'll keep it under our hats." Spooker smiled quickly, showing his thanks. He then turned around and went for the library checkout desk before exiting the room.

"Well, hello there," a voice sounded from the right of the table. All three turned their heads to the newcomer. Katrina kept her mouth in a thin line, while Ghost flashed a second-long smile and Toast nodded briskly.

"Hello, Jack," Toast said to Jack Gordon, one of the most popular--and most annoying to many--people in the school. He nodded to both Ghost and Toast and smiled suspiciously to Katrina, keeping his eyes glued to hers for several seconds. She just kept looking at him with a steely glare.

Ghost squirmed in his chair uncomfortably as Toast cleared his throat. Since Katrina and Jack had broken up, things were always...tense when he showed up to speak to someone near her. "What...erm...what can we help you with, Jack?" Toast asked.

Jack blinked once, turning his eyes away from Katrina and placing them on Johnny. "I had a suggestion for this coming week. Being the first week of summer, I thought we could...celebrate by having a week out in the woods at my family's cabin, just us and a couple of other friends."

"Like who?" It was John who asked this question.

"Oh, the Acachallas--you know, Billy and Sally. Their brother--," he chuckled, quickly putting in, "--their sister, I guess, Sue, is pretty cool. And I'd assume their little bro Spencer would have to come. Sally's boyfriend, Aaron, said he would as well. Fred, Chris, and Maddie could come as well, and you can bring Mary, Johnny." He lifted his eyes to Katrina. "And I'm referring to all three of you. You're all welcome."

The trio exchanged glances. "What'd you say?" Ghost asked. The question was mostly directed to Katrina, but he asked it as if it was to Johnny as well.

Katrina looked up to Jack, who was smirking at her. "Sounds like fun," she muttered. "I'd be up for it."

Johnny smiled. "Sounds like it's all set then."

Before Jack could speak, the blond-haired Emilia Bates--a girl that several of the guys at school had crushed on before--walked up. "Hi," she said quietly, stopping next to Jack. "What's up?"

Jack smiled. "Oh," he said, wrapping a muscular arm around her waist, "nothing much. I was just telling them about the idea I had, for the week out in the woods."

Emilia's face sparked up. "Oh. Oh! Do you guys like the idea? I think it sounds like we'd all have a good time up there, getting able to bond together more."

Jack nudged her, winking suggestively. "Yeah. I'd even dare to say a great time." John grunted, a bit disturbed by the undertones he sensed in their conversation.

"Well," he started, "I'll have to check with my mom. She'll most likely say yes, though." He looked to Johnny. "I can give you a call, and you can let Jack know."

Jack nodded. "All right, sounds good."

Emilia stepped away from him. "Speaking of moms, mine's waiting outside in the car. I've gotta run. See ya," she said, before Jack leaned forward and planted a kiss on her forehead.

"All right. See you later, babe."

The four watched as Emilia walked away. "So," Johnny started, letting his mouth drop slightly, "is there something going on between you two?"

Jack grinned broadly. "You bet there is. We've gotten along greatly. She's a wonderful girl." He lowered his gaze to Katrina, to see if there was any reaction from her. She was biting her lip, and Jack smiled because of it. "Well, I've gotta go too. Let me know if you all can go. Later." He walked away, whistling happily to himself.

Little did he know that Katrina wasn't gnawing on her lip because of what he had just said. It was because Spooker had walked up to speak to Emilia before he caught drift of what was going on between her and Jack.

And it hurt her to almost hear his heart crack.

+ + +

"Come on, Mom. It'll only be one week!"

Sarah Ghost, a thirty-eight year old widow, sighed, rubbing her forehead in uncertainty. One half of her wanted to show her son that she trusted him enough to let him go off for a week with only his friends, but the other half of her wanted to say no, because she felt that it would be just begging for something bad to go down.

"Well...who did you say was the oldest person there?"

"Sue Acachalla, we think."


"Come on, Mom! He's twenty years old," John pleaded.

Sarah sighed. "But, Johnny, he's fresh out of high school. And I just don't know about those Acachallas...they don't seem like the greatest influence."

"They're not so bad, Mom. Sue and Billy are nice guys, and I'm sure Spence and Sally are too."

"That's another thing," Sarah said, turning around. "How many girls are going to be going on this little trip? Just Sally? Or more than her?"

John scratched his chin. "Let's see..." He counted on his fingers, mouthing each number as he went. "Five have been invited. I'd assume they're all coming."

Sarah muttered under her breath, "Five." She rubbed her forehead. "What do all the other parents say about this whole thing?"

"They're all for it, I'm pretty sure. At least the Acachallas, Jack's parents, and Emilia's. Johnny, Katrina, and the others were gonna ask tonight."

Sarah smirked. "Oh, so Katrina's going?"

Ghost blushed slightly, ruffling his head of brown hair. "Well...yeah, she's been invited."

Sarah laughed quietly. She absolutely loved to tease her son over his crush on Katrina, which she thought was just adorable--which John was upset about.

Sarah sighed and crossed her arms, leaning against a countertop. "Well...I guess you can go." A large grin broke out across John's face. Sarah sent an arm out. "Just...please--be wise, mature, and responsible. Don't do anything with a girl--or with anything, for that matter--that might result in some dire consequences, got it?"

John chuckled. "All right, I won't." He raised a hand in a mock swearing of honor. "I promise." He then wrapped his arms around his mom, hugging her tightly. "Thanks, Mom. For everything. I love you."

Sarah smiled, wishing that that moment would never end. "I love you too, Johnny. More than anything else in the entire world."

TWO | Permissions Edit

Johnny walked into the Toast family home, pushing his car keys into his pocket. "Mum, Dad, I'm home," he called out. He closed the door behind him as he stepped into the house, taking off his shoes and stashing them under an endtable.

He was met by his twin brother, Gavin. The older twin walked into the hallway and leaned up against the doorframe from the living room. "Well, well, well. The brother arrives."

Johnny sighed. "Hello, Gavin." He started to walk past his brother before Gavin stretched out an arm, stopping Johnny from going by him. Slowly, Gavin turned to look at his brother, face-to-face.

"What took you so long to get home today?" Gavin asked. "I got home an hour ago."

"I was with some of my friends."

Gavin snorted. "Oh, right. Mary."

Johnny nodded. "Yes. Mary." He brushed Gavin's hand off of his arm before marching past, going into the living room. Gavin smirked triumphantly before turning on his heel, entering the room after him. "Where's Mum and Dad?" Toast asked.

Gavin shrugged. "I dunno. Dad's off doing some business thing, of course. Mum went to a store I think."

Johnny nodded. "I see." He sat down on the living room's black couch before speaking: "You doing anything this coming week?"

Gavin shook his head. "No, nothing." He paused, flicking his eyes over to his twin. "Are you?"

"Yes. Jack Gordon invited me and a few others over to his family's vacation cabin up in the mountains."

His brother let out a slight chuckle. "Ah." He let the silence build up for a few seconds before saying, "Was...I invited, perchance?"

Johnny lifted his eyes up. ", you weren't."

Gavin faked a smile. "Oh. I see." He got up from the couch and walked towards the doorway.

Johnny raised a hand to stop him. "Look, Gavin...if you want to come, I can talk to Jack and arrange for--"

"No, don't worry about it." Gavin chuckled, keeping his steely glare on his brother. "I could care less about it. It's not like you're much of a brother anyways."

Johnny rolled his eyes. "Look, Gavin." But his brother was already moving out of the room and up the stairs.

+ + +

Billy Acachalla, his sister Sally, and their brother Spencer entered the Acachalla home, where their adoptive father, known only as "Papa", sat on his couch, lounging as he watched reruns of Jeopardy on his flatscreen TV.

"Hey, Papa," Billy said, taking his backpack off of his shoulder. Papa grunted what Billy supposed was a hello and resituated himself, reaching for his bottle of root beer on the coffee table.

Sally walked past, listening to something through her earbuds, which were plugged into her pink-cased cell phone, her eyes glued to the screen. Much like her phone case, her jacket was of a dark purple hue.

"Hello, Sally!" Gertrude, her adoptive mother, called out. Sally didn't hear her due to the music she was listening to and walked past, marching up the stairs. Gertrude let out a quiet sigh and rubbed her forehead.

Spencer rushed past. "How are you, Spencer?" Gertrude asked.

Spencer skidded to a stop. "Fine, but I must go and conquer the world in World of Warcraft!" he yelled with a lisp before taking off again.

Gertrude laughed, watching her youngest child dart into the family room, quickly powering up his self-constructed gaming computer.

Billy walked into the living room, where Papa slowly turned his eyes to his son. "What is it, Billy?" he asked.

Billy scratched the back of his head. " see, Papa, this guy at our school...Jack Gordon...he was just wondering if we could...if we could go to his family's cabin for the coming week."

Papa hit the mute button the TV remote, leaning forward. "The whole week?" Billy nodded.

"Yes, Papa."

The oldest Acachalla leaned back, stroking his beard. "I see." He glanced to his son. "Is Sue going?"

Just as he spoke, the oldest of the Acachalla children walked past the doorway. Born a male but wrongly adopted as a female, Sue was often the subject of ridicule at first meetings, but he quickly proved that he was no person to be picked on. "Am I going where?" he asked.

Both Billy and Papa looked up to Sue. "With us to the cabin next week."

"Oh," Sue said. "Yeah, I figured it might be fun. As long as no kids annoy me."

Billy rolled his eyes. "We're not kids. They're the same age as I am!"

Sue smirked. "Like I said: kids."

"Hey, that's not--!"

Papa waved his hands. "All right, guys, calm down! I get the picture." He laughed. "This is fine with me. Just ask your mother and see what she says about it."

Billy smiled, exuberantly, and turned around and darted from the den. He sure hoped that the trip was fine with his mother.

+ + +

Katrina stormed down the hall after her mother. "Look, Mom," she said, trying to make her voice sound more serious, "I'm old enough to go on this trip. I won't do anything wrong."

Karen Evans sighed, turning to face her daughter. "It isn't that, Katrina. It's just that...didn't you say that Jack was going to be there?"

Katrina rolled her eyes, sighing. "Yes, Mom. But he won't do anything -- Johnny and John will be there. Besides, I think the water has calmed between us both. He seemed pretty chill about it in school today."

Karen rubbed her forehead. "Look, sweetheart, I don't know if..."

Her daughter smiled, stepping to her mother. "Mom, I'll be safe. I can guarantee that. Neither one of them -- nor anyone else there, for that matter -- would let anything happen to me." Karen smiled. She was glad that her daughter could place so much trust into her friends.

"Well...if you're sure you'll be fine."

Katrina nodded. "I will. I will!"

Karen laughed quietly. "Very well. You can go. Who do you need to tell about you coming?"

"I'll tell Johnny. He said he would relay all of our answers to Jack."

Karen nodded. "All right then." She patted her daughter's back. "You'd better get packed up then." Katrina beamed at her mother and ran up the stairs of their house to her bedroom.

"Thank you Mom!"

Karen chuckled, shaking her head. "You're welcome!"

+ + +

"Great!" Johnny said, smiling. "I'm glad you can come."

Katrina laughed. "Me too. I'm looking forward to it."

Silence for several seconds. "Look, Katrina, if you feel uncomfortable about Jack at any time --"

"Don't worry, it'll be fine." Katrina sounded sure of her answer. "Besides, I've got you and John there to watch my back." She began to giggle, and Toast let out a light laugh.

"That's right."

"So..." Katrina thought of something to say. "Is John going, then?"

Johnny nodded. "Yes. His mum said he could come, as long as he was well-behaved."

Katrina laughed. "That is the exact same thing my mom said!"

Both of them laughed for several seconds. "Well, I'd better get going. I've got to finish reading this last chapter to finish my school project."

"Okay," Katrina replied. "When do we have to leave?"

"Jack said for everyone to meet at the entrance to the campgrounds. You know where they are, right?" Johnny asked.

"Of course," Katrina said. "I went there once, back know."

"Yeah," Johnny nodded, although he knew Katrina couldn't see him. "Well...I'll let you go."

"All right. Bye Johnny."

"Bye Katrina."

THREE | Arrival Edit

It was the day that the trip began. One week had passed, and school was done. Johnny had finished his book report and got a passing mark, rounding out a job well done overall for his school year. He had just been informed upon completion, however, that he was going to be moving back to London after the summer. He had gotten a little moody towards his mom, dad, and siblings when he initially heard this information, but he soon decided it'd be best to not get too uptight about it.

John, Katrina, and Mary all took the news heavily. They had all grown accustomed to having Johnny there by their sides, and now that he was gone...they didn't know how they would handle it.

Karen pulled her trusty old car up to the entryway of the campgrounds to the Arabon Mountains. At the small station on the road leading into the camp area, a young forest ranger -- Katrina guessed he wasn't much older than her -- was checking visitors in.

When the car pulled to a stop, the ranger smiled and leaned against the wall of his station. "Hello there," he said, keeping his eyes on Katrina. "How might I help you?"

Karen looked from her daughter to the ranger. "Well...I was dropping my daughter off here to meet with some friends. They were going to be staying at the Gordon cabin."

The ranger -- his pin had the name B. Miles printed onto it -- nodded. "Some of them got here ahead of you and let us know you all were coming." He sighed, looking down the road before the car. "Not too many visitors this time of year, the beginning of summer. They usually come about two or three weeks in."

Karen nodded. "I see. How much is the charge to get in?"

The forest ranger crossed his arms. "Oh, no charge. The Gordon family paid for everyone's way into the campgrounds for the week."

Karen smiled. "Oh. Well, that's nice." She put her car into drive and started to go forward. "Well, thank you."

Miles nodded. "Don't mention it. Any time." He waved quickly to Katrina, who waved back to him as her mom drove the car down the road.

As they rode on, Katrina looked out the window into the lush, green forest to her right. She wasn't generally one to be outside very often -- she dabbled in reading or something to do with her computer, most of the time. Johnny and John were the same way. They all enjoyed reading stories involving the supernatural, both fiction and nonfiction.

The leaves rustled. Katrina smiled, picturing some sort of animal -- a squirrel or rabbit, perhaps -- busting through the terrain, rushing home to their family. Wind blew more leaves through the air, piling them up on the ground.

A worn sign, with the numbers "231" written on it, sat near a dark, leaf-covered road. As Karen prepared to drive up, Katrina pressed a hand on her arm. "Hold on, Mom. If you don't mind, I'd like to walk up here." When she saw that her mother was about to ask why, Katrina continued, "I want to get used to walking around in nature for a while. I mean, I'll be doing it the next week, so I might as well get some practice."

Karen smiled. "All right. You sure you'll be fine?"

Katrina nodded. "Yes, Mom." She reached into the back seat, pulling out her black backpack and slinging it over one shoulder as she got out of the car. Karen did so as well as Katrina walked to the back of the car, her mother following suit. Once they got there, Karen popped open the trunk and Katrina reached inside and grabbed another small bag, tossing it over her other shoulder.

Karen walked over to her daughter, resting both hands on her shoulders. After several seconds, Karen leaned forward and kissed her daughter on her forehead. "I love you so much," she said, wrapping her arms tightly around Katrina. Her daughter returned the embrace.

"I love you too, Mom," she replied. They both pulled apart and Karen smiled broadly.

"If you need anything, don't hesitate to call me."

Katrina nodded. "I won't, Mom. Goodbye." She turned and started walking up the trail, her bags slung tightly against her back. As she started up the steep hill, she turned to her mother and gave her one final wave before embarking on her march along the trail.

She was tempted to pull out her cell phone, but decided against it. If I'm going to be getting used to nature this week, I might as well get started and not have my eyes glued to my phone.

She continued up the path, her hands wrapped around her backpack straps. The leaves rustled -- from animals or wind, she didn't know, but she still enjoyed the sound of it. As she walked she heard a heavier thud in the leaves. A loud crunch.

She stopped in her tracks, turning around. It sounded like...a footstep. She stared into the woods, looking for any sign of something larger than the average squirrel in the midst of the trees and brush.

She stared for several moments, but she didn't hear a thing. Must be my imagination, she thought to herself, turning back and continuing up the path.

As she walked, she heard a humming come from the path down below her. She turned and looked, spotting a black SUV driving up the path. She smiled, recognizing Johnny's vehicle. As the car rode on the road, it came to a stop and the passenger window rolled down. John was sitting there, smiling. "Hey, Katrina. Need a ride?"

Katrina smiled. "Hi John. Johnny. I was thinking I'd walk up the trail and enjoy the peacefulness of the moment. God knows I won't be able to the rest of the week."

Both inside the car nodded. "Would you want me to walk with you? So you won't be alone?" John asked. Katrina thought for a moment before shrugging.

"Sure. Come on."

John stepped from the car and shut the door. "I'll get my stuff into the cabin once we get there," he told Johnny. The older teenager nodded.

"All right. I'll see you both there."

As Johnny drove away, John reached to Katrina's bags. "You want me to take one of those? Or both?"

Katrina nodded. "Sure," she said, handing him the larger of the two. "Here you go."

John slung the bag over his shoulder, motioning forward with his hand. "After you, miss."

Katrina chuckled, stepping forward. John followed closely behind. As the two walked, John thought of something to say. "'s your day been?" he asked.

Katrina shrugged. "Oh, it's been fine. I had to wake up at six, so that was fun."

John laughed. "I can imagine. I got up at six-thirty myself, so I don't know how bad getting up at six is."

"Trust me, you don't wanna find out."

The two walked on together up the hill. As they went, Katrina looked down and saw a small pothole in the road. "John, look out!" she shouted, but John missed what she was saying and turned to look at her.

"What is --?" he started, only to step at an angle on the hole's edge. One edge of his foot landed on the higher part of the hole and the other part twisted, and John's face lit up in pain.

"Oh God --" he started, stumbling forward. He was able to catch himself, but he grunted as he supported himself with his right ankle. He loosened his grip on Katrina's bag he was carrying and rubbed the throbbing ankle. "I think I twisted it."

Katrina nodded. "I'd say you did. I'm sorry, I tried to warn you, but it was too late and --"

John offered his best excuse for a smile. "No, don't worry, it's fine." He continued to rub his ankle as Katrina bent forward, raising the cuff of his jeans slightly.

"Eh, it looks pretty good, considering," she said. She squeezed softly on the injured part of his leg. "Does that hurt?"

John shook his head. "No, not really."

Katrina smiled. "It mustn't have been hurt that bad."

"That's good."

"Yeah. We'd better get on back as soon as we can so you can get off of that foot for a little while."

John nodded his consent. "Sounds like a good plan." The two continued up the path, John putting more pressure on his left leg to lighten that of his right. As they came to the top of the bend, John saw the cabin a little bit off.

He smiled. The thought of sitting down had never sounded so good to him.

+ + +

Johnny was standing outside as the two walked up. Jack, Emilia, Spooker, Colon, and Mary were already there, waiting. As they came over the bend, Jack sniggered. "I wonder what took them so long." Sensing the implication he meant in his statement, Johnny rolled his eyes.

John staggered over, lifting his right leg after every so often. Johnny blinked his eyes, wondering what was wrong with his best friend's foot.

"John!" he called out, rushing to his friend's side. "What happened?"

John pointed over his shoulder with his thumb. "I twisted my ankle a way's back. It doesn't hurt that bad, though."

Katrina nodded her consent. "Yes, it looked like just a light sprain. It should be better in no time at all!"

Johnny smiled, letting out a slight sigh of relief. "I was beginning to get worried. I had no idea what was wrong when you came limping up here."

John nodded, offering a slight smile. "If you don't mind, I'd like to get inside. The pressure on this ankle's getting to me."

"Of course." Johnny stepped forward, helping his friend into the cabin. Mary and Katrina both followed while Spooker, Colon, Emilia, and Jack all stood together.

Jack turned to Emilia. "You wanna go for a walk?"

His girlfriend smiled. "Yeah, sure." She glanced to Colon and Spooker, who stood there, unsure of what they should do. " you guys wanna come?"

Spooker opened his mouth to speak before Jack cut him off. "I think you two should wait here and make sure that the others all know where to go when they get here," he firmly stated. "Don't you guys think so?"

Colon's face twisted up into a quizzical look. "But the cabin's right here out in the open..."

"Just make sure they know where to put their stuff," Jack said, placing a hand on Emilia's back. "Come on, let's get going. There's a smaller ranger station where we can stop by and see if it's unlocked."

As they walked off, Colon and Spooker exchanged glances before shrugging their shoulders, turning and walking into the cabin.

+ + +

Sue pulled his burgundy car up to the cabin, parking it outside of the small wooden building. To his right was his youngest sibling Spencer. The seat directly behind them held Sally, her boyfriend Aaron, and one of Billy's closest friends, Maddie Tyler. Billy himself was seat in the open trunk, where he was packed in between the luggage.

Gertrude had asked Sue if they could possibly be pulled over because Billy was sitting in the trunk with no seatbelt, yet Sue replied that they wouldn't as long as they weren't caught. Papa accepted it as a plausible answer and no more was said of it.

Sue popped open the trunk and Billy clambered out of it, tossing his backpack onto his shoulder. He lifted his duffel bag up from the bottom of the trunk as the others all came to the back to gather up their own luggage. Spencer had a small backpack that held all of his gaming equipment that he wouldn't be able to use, as well as one holding his other, more essential items.

Sally had two bags as well, as did Aaron. Sue had three bags to carry in, and Maddie only had one. When she was questioned as to why she brought so little, she told them that her bag was "larger than most others" and could hold more, and the others didn't question her.

Spooker and Colon both exited the cabin to meet their friends. "Hi, Billy," Spooker said, smiling and nodding to each of the newcomers. "Everyone's here except for Jack and Emilia. They both went to check out the ranger station a little further up the trail."

Billy nodded as Sue came to a stop. "This is my brother Sue," Billy spoke, introducing his oldest sibling. "I'm sure you've seen him before."

The bearded Acachalla nodded to his brother's friends. "Hello," he said, scratching the back of his neck. Both Spooker and Colon introduced themselves before Colon motioned to the cabin.

"We'd better get on in there. John can't really walk that well."

"What happened?" Aaron asked in a quiet, reserved voice.

"He twisted his ankle," Colon responded. "It's not too bad though. He just wants to give it as much rest as he can."

"That makes sense," Sally commented.

Spooker, Colon, the Acachallas, Aaron, and Maddie all entered the cabin. It was a cozy little abode, with a mid-sized sitting room that had two long couches, a love seat, and two recliners, all fitted in worn leather that smelled of the hardwood that walled and floored the cabin. A kitchen with a tiled floor was in the next room, where the food that had been brought was stored.

There were three bedrooms. They were divided into a certain order: one room held Sue, Billy, Aaron, and Spencer, another had Mary and Katrina, and the third was shared by Sally, Maddie, and Emilia. Johnny and Jack slept on the couches, John was to be on the love seat, and Colon and Spooker were both on the recliners.

As a perfect bookend to the whole cabin was a fireplace, which was not yet crackling with the roaring blazes that a few finely cut blocks of wood would soon begin. A small stash of lumber was in a cramped shed outside, which Jack had visited and brought a few blocks in from.

"Not too bad," Sue said, nodding. "I'm actually impressed. I figured any friend of my siblings would have a trashy cabin. I was wrong." Billy playfully socked Sue on the arm with his fist.

"Ha ha," he laughed mockingly, trying to act as if he was humored by Sue's comments. "Come on, let's get our things unpacked."

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