Gmod spiderman

The Bank Robber

A fanfiction of Venturiantale and The Amazing Spider-man

Chapter One: Papa Acachalla Edit

Papa Acachalla brought in a bag of Domo Cups in their newest supply shipment. Papa walked over to the counter and dropped the box there. "Whew!" Papa said, whipping his head. "5th Domo cup this Week! Domo's not even a thing anymore..." Papa said as he sat on a 7-11 table chair.

Parker Edit

Spider-man was swinging across Manhatten, as he just fought another Cross-Species for Conner's antidote. He landed on a building and went into his apartment. "Curt, I'm going out to eat" Peter said. "Alright, but hurry! The serums almost complete..." Conners said and he typed away on his computer and took the Cross-Species' blood from Peter. Peter took his suit off and put in his washer. He grabbed another suit and put on some new clothes and Web-swinged out.


The man walked into the room and cocked his pistol. "I'mma gonna get me some cash and Domo cups!" he shot the safe and it took the money. Papa Acachalla heard the shot and ran into the room. "Oh crap!" Papa turned on the alarm.

Peter landed onto an Oscorp building and heard the alarm. "Wait, there's a 7-11 in New York?" he jumped and landed onto the 7-11 building and kicked the Robber in the face. He shot him with webbing and tore his mask off. "LUIGI?!" they both screamed. "I'mada Luigi! Take-a-da Spaghetti!" he threw 10 Spaghetti bowls at them and there were knocked out..



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