Damn it this is hard to explain but...I am from the year 2014 in the year 2067...It all ends..But..There is hope..If I am right a Hero will rise out of the vaults of vault-tec to save the Wasteland that the chaos of man has created. He or she will set an example for every damn Hero in this world and forward past our generation...

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Twelve years earlier...

Jimmy Casket stood over another victim after mutilating and gutting the victim...He was laughing and smiling sadisticly. Another victim of Jimmy's

Wrath...Another life line stolen... This life was crucial to the future of the earth... In exactly 200 years another will give birth to that hero, if this life was taken..That hero will never exist...This means that Jimmy must be prevented from killing this victim...I, Johnny Ghost must go back 5 days to avert crisis from this death...My one goal: Absorb Casket's soul...I must kill him before he can kill the unsuspecting citizen..Then I must control Casket I cannot let him take control...If he does, we are all doomed.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5 days earlier, Jimmy Casket was hiding in an alley, looking for his next victim...Then Johnny Ghost sneaks up behind him slowly raising his revolver, The Jayhawk, yet slowly but surely Casket will soon die...BLAM!! The bullet pierced Casket's skull and then his head exploded into brain matter and blood,he was all over Johnny Ghost...Johnny ran for the time traveling device and jumped in, activating the time travel to go 5 days 200 years ahead, to when the Hero had just gotten out of a big mistake...Walking towards an alien spacecraft.Johnny, if seen by the Hero would be transported back before he killed Casket...But just then Jimmy finally took control, seeing Cywren...If Jimmy was seen nothing would happen.Charging forward Casket ran to stab Cywren, Timebomb nor Copper were looking,In the final seconds before the stab a land mine exploded knocking Casket back, crippling his head and left leg it crippled both of Cywren's legs,Johnny got control and put the knife away quickly then proceding to run to his traveling device.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------As the mine exploded Timebomb turned around and unloaded his flamer then helping Cywren off the ground.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------It ends here. This cannot happen. The year is 2067 Ghost raised his revolver to his head to suicide...If he lived on he would be an irradiated ghoul, or dead, It had to end here, to end the madness, to end The Casket, to end this Adventure.But the adventure never ends...


A FanFic by Forum Contributer

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