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Chapter I

After investigating a robot created by Tinker Joe, I continued wandering off, trying to ignore the thought of what I seen at Andale. While hiking off in the cloudy, Capitol Wasteland, I found a small raider encampment, I pulled out Lincoln's Repeater and began firing at them. Jordan began spitting out random nonsense while I was taking them down, when I started looting the bodies, I noticed they looked more sunburned than the usual raiders I come across, and they have gear I've never seen before, I forgot about it. Eventually, I heard Sarah yell something, which made me look to the left, it seemed like a Scouting team was returning to camp. I pulled out my weapon as we were being ambushed, but right after my second shot, I was down, tumbling into the ashen grass, Jordan began yelling out. "Cywren!" he exclaimed "Get up! Cywren you cannot die on me!". I heard yelling around me, as I observed the dark, cloudy sky, and then everything began to fade away; darker, and darker...

Chapter II

There is a desert, a blazing, mountainous, large desert. You know this desert is in peril, and you know you need to go to this desert. Your journey starts now...

I was awoken by a bright, silvery light, and recognized the ceiling of my house, and the face of Timebomb, who was sticking a stimpak in my arm, he noticed my eyes were open, "I see you're finally awake" he said "Copper brought you here". I looked around and saw Quasar, wagging his tail rapidly. I got up and pat him on the head, and let the others know I'm alright. I pulled out a Nuka Cola from my bag, and sat down drinking. But then I realized, I couldn't here him, "Hello?" I said "Jordan...? Are you there?". There was no answer, but a cool wind. "Jordan?!" I repeated over and over, Bryan walked in.

"Cywren, are you Ok?"

"Yes, I'm fine, I just need to be alone right now, Ok?" I softly replied,

"Ok". It felt as if everything just stopped, all I was doing is saying the same thing "Jordan?!" "Please respond!" I was laying in my bedroom, depressed for some random reason. I felt two different feelings, a feeling of melancholy, that Jordan might be gone, and a feeling of freedom, that I can do what I wanted. Everything was silent, and everything was different and abnormal, but suddenly, I saw the same flashback I did when I was asleep, and then I knew exactly what to do. I ran into the main room, and found Copper in there, "I'm going to be leaving, Timebomb is in charge while I'm gone," I said seriously

"Where will you be going?" Copper responded

"I'm heading to the Mojave Wasteland, I'll give more instructions later, and be sure to inform everyone else about this... Goodbye" I closed the door.

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