Characters Sally Billy Gertrude Papa Acachalla Teenage Slenderman Maddie-Friend Spencer

       Chapter 1: A simple evening.                                                                                                                It was a summer evening, Sally and Slenderman were watching a movie in the living room, Gertrude was making dinner in the kitchen, Papa Acachalla was out practicing bowling, and Billy was juggling in his room. after a couple minutes, Papa Acachalla came home, just in time for dinner. Gertrude asked if Slenderman would stay for dinner, not to much surprise, he did. He did anything to be with Sally. After dinner, they went back to their movie, Billy went back to juggling, and Papa Acachalla went to use the bathroom.

      Chapter   2 : Maddie-Friend.
   The next morning there was a knock on the door. It was Maddie-Friend, and unluckily, Billy had answered the door. Maddie chased Billy all around the house, waking up everyone. Papa Acachalla managed to chase her out, before Billy had to sign her shirt. "Try to stay away from her." Papa Acachalla said groggily. They all went back to bed, except Sally, staying up for waffles.

      Chapter 3: Escape the Basement
  Down in his basement, Spencer was trying to get to the log on screen of World of Warcraft on his computer that was most likely straight out of 1989. To pass the time, As he always does, he attempted to clean the basement,Once he got done, well, let's just say that the internet,well, blew up, well, the entire computer blew up. It had been the 6th computer to blow up in 1 whole year, it was pretty much monthly at this point, 3 months in a row atleast 1 computer blew up each month. By now, Spencer was pretty much ready to find a way out of the basement. The flaws in his plan: there was no windows, and the door is locked from the down stairs side. He tried to smash the door open, apparently he thought he was strong, becuase trying to smash the door open, really stupid. He tried to make a jack hammer,little did he know that the lockers weren't jam packed with motors and wires from old cars. By then he was collapsed on the floor.

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